Saturday, November 13, 2010

Together is Amazing

Last night C.C. came with me to an event where I was speaking. the event, Together Is Amazing, was sponsored by Shaw Communications Inc, the leading entertainment and communications company here in Canada. Known for its products and customer service, Together Is Amazing is a philanthropic movement -- it's about giving back to our communities to create a better place for everyone to live and work and play. Founded on the Shaw family's commitment to philanthrophy, Together Is Amazing expresses the spirit of a company where people truly do matter most.

The event was organized by Joy Gilmour, an amazing young woman who works for Shaw and is committed to bringing her best to the world. Joy wants to make a difference -- and she is. She planned and encouraged and coaxed and pleaded with people and sponsors to turn up, to lend a hand, to contribute. She created a team who together, created an amazing evening. A beautiful, heartfelt affair where everyone felt touched in a special way by the warmth and joy and beauty of the special light that is Joy.

It was an amazing evening.

Over the years, Shaw has supported the shelter where I work through volunteers, meal sponsorship, Days of Caring and a host of other things they do to help us help people in need. Watching this video -- I understood how deeply embedded the gift of giving is in the Shaw culture, in the people who manage the organization and the people who work there. It's pretty astounding! This isn't a marketing gimmick. It's a heartfelt expression of how together, we can change our communities and make them great for everyone.

As part of the festivities, Joy shared a video the Calgary employees of Shaw created to express what Together Is Amazing means to them. It was touching and inspiring and informative. It made me want to do more.

Joy reminded me -- we each make a difference. And together, we make amazing happen.

The following video is to celebrate Joy's commitment to creating a world of difference -- a world in which every child has nutritious food and every parent the comfort of knowing their child is safe. Where every individual, no matter their condition, has a safe place to come in from the cold, a place where they know they are accepted, just the way they are. A place to find themselves again, to set new directions, to carve new paths because they know, they are not alone. We are all in it together, doing our best, giving our best, and receiving the best we each have to offer with open hearts and minds.

Joy's sparkle lit the room like a thousand candles last night. She touched our hearts with her passion to awaken each of us to the truth -- we can make a difference because Together Is Amazing.

Singing Mariah Carey's 'Hero', the four tenors of Il Divo demonstrate what beauty can be created when we sing, and dance, and work and play together. Each man has a superb voice. Each can sing alone, but, when they sing together, amazing happens because together they create magic.

To my hero Joy. Job well done! Together Is Amazing! (Click on this link and watch the wonderful video that launched Together is Amazing.)


Maureen said...

Sounds like a great organization.

S. Etole said...

Listening to "Hero" filled my heart with praise ... thank you!

Jingle said...

it looks cool.

the title is lovely.

Claudia said...

this sounds amazing - people who are enthusiastic about their mission - we need people like this! thanks for sharing Louise