Friday, November 26, 2010


Photo - Quainault Waterfall - courtesy of Robert Kraft @ Public Domain Pictures.

Morning wraps me up in its smooth embrace, blue and green and red and yellow lights glisten on the tree across the street. In the eastern sky, beyond the horizon where roofs and trees block the morning's arch creeping slowly into nights dark blanket, a new day awaits. I sit in the quiet of my office, the house silent all around me. Gratitude awakens, pulling me gently out of nights slumber into the dawn of morning light rising all around me.

Words shimmer on the edges of my mind like ice crystals hanging beneath the orb of a street light. Words that provoke and tempt and tease me into awakening to the beauty of my world. Words that fall mindlessly to the page, tumbling out in joyful abandon, littering the page with fat, plump consonants, juicy rich vowels and punctuation ripe with possibility.

I let them have their way. Give them room to appear upon the page in all their gleeful disarray. Pushing, prodding I tease them into order, searching for value in every letter, every phrase.

I am a woman of words. Of visual imagery all wrapped up in spoken symbols uttered into the void of possibility that exists all around me.

I am a woman of silence. Of quiet thoughts left unspoken, expressed in hands and eyes and body movements and simple gestures that speak to what is on my mind, what pains me, awakens me, touches me, moves me.

I am a woman of words spoken and unspoken. Of hidden meanings clustered behind a single word and open dialogue where ideas flow freely into pathways to truth and beauty.

I am my truth, spoken or unspoken. I am the words I speak, the words I think and leave behind hidden in silence. I am the words I leave behind when I have spoken.

I am the words I employ in every spoken utterance, in every unspoken truth. I am my truth in all its shining light and painful darkness.


Silence waits in the space
two lovers
torn apart
with words unspoken.

Silence breathes opening up the space
two lovers
pulled together
by words unspoken.

Silence speaks within the space
two lovers
bodies enmeshed
in words unspoken.

I read Glynn's poem over at Faith, Fiction, Friends this morning. He used an image to create a poem and in that process, he inspired me to start writing without structuring my thinking into theme or concept but to simply 'see' an image in my mind and let it happen -- writing with words flowing freely. This is a waterfall writing technique -- it is not of deeper meaning, no hidden agendas -- just freeflow writing pouring like water onto the page. (or screen as it may be)



Glynn said...

Thanks for the mention, Louise. I've been playing with ideas and forms, and this is one of the results.

I love the repetititon of "silence" and the emotion packed into this poem.

Arts web show said...

Wow, you are a gifted writer.
I like the mood you generated through your words

Maureen said...

And it flows.

Hugs. Have a wonderful weekend.

Claudia said...

silence can have so many different faces - waiting, breathing, speaking..
have a wonderful weekend!