Monday, November 15, 2010

When I grow old

When I grow old I'll read poetry in the bath by candlelight and drink champagne to rock 'n roll. I'll dance until the sun rises and sleep until noon when I'll arise to drink my latte curled up in a velvet robe in a big easy chair in a room with books piled all around.

When I grow old I'm not going to care if my socks don't match, or my roots are showing or my panties and bra are different colours because I'll seldom wear socks and I won't bother to dye my hair.

When I grow old I'll wear bright coloured silks and feather boas to go to the grocery store and slinky satin when I visit the doctor.

No wait, when I grow old I won't have to visit the doctor, he'll come see me and tell me I'm a grand old dame and bring me bonbons and rare red wine because red wine keeps my arteries flowing freely and bonbons are just plain good to eat.

When I grow old people will respect me for what I know and listen politely when I tell them what to do. I won't care if they ignore me and they won't care that I repeat myself and forget their names.

When I grow old I'll walk barefoot in the mud right after the rain and feel the squishy oozy coolness of mud sucking at my toes. I'll laugh and dance and spin about and I won't care if anyone is watching. I won't care. I'll do it because I want to. Because it pleases me.

When I grow old I'll speak my mind without fearing someone else's opinion of me is greater than my truth.

When I grow old I'll write from my heart without fearing other's will see my heart and tell me what they see as the matter with me. I'll write and speak my truth and know no one can take that from me.

When I grow old no one will have to remind me to eat my vegetables or lose weight or get some exercise. I'll do it because it feels good and it speaks to how much I love me.

When I grow old the world will have grown older with me and in its ageing it will know grace, and peace and love and kindness. It will know that evolution isn't about killing off what we fear but rather about embracing our fears and loving them for all we're worth. And as we evolve we'll change from fearing each other to loving the world enough to create peace.

When I grow old I'll never tell myself to act my age. I'll tell myself 'I Love You' just the way you are and I'll know I mean it. I'll believe me.

When I grow old...

Hell, what am I waiting for? I'll start today. I'm going to quit acting like age is an issue and start living it up today. And I'll never feel like I'm growing old, because I know I'm just getting better and better!

About the image: Over at Susan Etole's Just a Moment, where you can be guaranteed of finding fabulous photography and words, she has a photo of two hens and a link to Sandra Heska King's blog where she had a photo of two hens who have taken up residence in their yard and a lovely quote on friendship. I didn't have a photo of chickens -- but I did have a rooster taken in Barbados by "Tammy" which I thought I would share -- and the rooster kind of struts his stuff the way I will... when I grow old! :)


Kathleen Overby said...

I was gonna say, why wait till then? May I dance in the rain with you? didn't address the bra issue... hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...


beware ... old hens with old hens, or pictures of old hens

too many risks of hen-pecking


Maureen said...

Fun read!

S. Etole said...

Love this ... your rooster seems quite dapper and ready to join the crowd!

{And thanks for the compliment ... when I come here your words always reach deep and I wonder at the immensity of your heart}

Sandra Heska King said...

That rooster is a handsome man.

And you are beautiful. Aged just right.

And thanks for the link.