Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dreaming: I awaken. (a poem)

So... sitting here in mountain glory. Snow falling. Light fading, I write. A poem. Of love. Of stars and dreaming and ancient Celtic goddesses riding in the night.

Sometimes, Most-times, All the time, when the muse beckons I must heed her call.

And, when I was finished, there was Jingle Poetry waiting in my Inbox, inviting me to participate in this week's Poet's Rally!

Dreaming: I awaken

into the night
where Rhiannon awaits
in moonlit wonder
to open up the starlit sky

On starburst waves
I ride
upon Epona’s white mare
ascending into the stars
where dreams await
in fecund possibility
sparked by meteor showers
with fiery heat
and heavenly bursts
opening up eternity's beauty

Abandoning reason
I cast my fate to the wind
and fall
into ancient realms
where gods and goddesses
once cast
their spell upon the night
shot through with
shadowy myths
of silvery streams
with moonbeam dust
shimmering in the lush

Lost amongst the stars
my dreams abandoned
to the darkness of
my being
held captive
to these ancient heirs
casting shadows
in the night
I tumble
into Apollo’s embrace
effortlessly floating
upon dawn’s early light
where Venus releases me
from my earthly moorings
to dance
amongst the stars

Awake and dreaming
I fall
into Love’s eternal grace.


Anonymous said...

Such vivid images I got while reading this -- well done.

Jingle said...

magical piece,
stunning imagery,
Glad that your traveling inspired you with this beautiful piece.

smooth sailings,
Happy New Year.

you tagged correctly, simply visit and comment for 18 poets, let me know , then done,

Anonymous said...

what an enchanting journey you blessed us with.

thanks for the trip.


Rajlakshmi said...

amazing imagery... such vivid and intriguing images you have painted through your words...

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Hi everyone -- thanks so much for visiting.

These Poet Rally's are inspiring. I get to read other writers works and be inspired, and get visited by new friends!

How perfect is that?

Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Took me on a cosmic ride.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my site, Louise,
and for your lovely comment,
and such a wonderful poem, dreamtime magical flight, taking us who knows where, only our imagination sets the limits. xPenx

S. Etole said...

Waking up wouldn't be as fun ...

robin ellen lucas said...

love your fantasy... :)

Thoughts Not Lost said...

I don't know if I can properly express how much I loved this's wonderful!

Jillien said...

This was wonderfully written. i loved the peaceful feelings it evoked.

by the way, thank you for visiting me at The Infamous!

Happy New Year to ya,


Anonymous said...

GREAT POEM to start the new year...

Thank you very very much, really beautiful!

A Fistful Of Moonbeams™ said...

Delightfully impacting write...

Olivia said...

Very well composed.. :)
Liked the dreamy feel that it generated while being read..

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!
Love n Hugs xxx

Leo said...

How beautiful and well composed poetry :)

Why The Hesitation? My Rally Week 36 Poetry

dan roberson said...

Thanks for letting me tiptoe across the galaxy with you. Very nice imagery.

Anonymous said...

lovely! enjoy your good start for the year! mine for this thursday-