Monday, December 27, 2010

Raising a dream

Photo credit: Adam Dustus - scene is part of Rockefeller Center, NYC
Raising a dream

Through the ever asking night
he blows
hot then cold then hot again
notes of joy, of sorrow, of hope
notes rising up
to catch their breath
upon the wind
in the dark of night
out of control
a dream
rising up
to proclaim
peace on earth
for all mankind.

The wonderfully talented Claudia, over at Splittergewitter, posted a poem for this week's One Stop Poetry that caught my attention -- particularly, this line: through the ever asking night.

Inspired by her words, I used the line to create my own poem from it, using the photo prompt from Sunday's One Stop Poetry.

It's a great way to write a poem. Let someone else's words, let a photo inspire you -- and let yourself create!


Glynn said...

Good one, Louise. That's what the trumpet player does -- heralds the good news.

Maureen said...

That's a beautiful opening line.

And yes, may we rise up and proclaim peace.

Hugs. Stay warm!

Claudia said...

nice - glad you like this line so much :=)
i esp. liked the seeking of a dream in your poem and notes, catching their breath

Anonymous said...

i think that ideas are meant to be shared
and passed on to others.

each idea goes in and comes out
a different creation through each person.

not one is the same.

Love and pleasant thought.


S. Etole said...

You do amazing things with words ...

Jingle said...

dream seeking 4 peace while out of control, love the line...

elegant delivery,
Thanks for the inspirations.

Hope said...

wonderfully creative piece, Louise!

thank you

Anonymous said...

very lovely poem. just loved the beautiful feelings it stirred up in heart.