Wednesday, December 8, 2010

They will create a better world.

There is something inspiring and reassuring about presenting to a group of University students. In this case, a group of second year communications students from MRU whose professor believes deeply in the need to engage her students in the cultural context and mores of our city by exposing them to a world most of them never dreamed of visiting -- a homeless shelter, in particular, the homeless shelter where I work.

Photo by Scott Kingsmith -- Comms 2500 student MRU

When Janet, their professor, approached me as she does every year, to work with her students, she asked for ideas on theme/subject/etc. I suggested the topic of belonging. How does a homeless shelter create a sense of belonging for its clients? Where does belonging fit in our lives?

Two weeks ago, with the help of two clients from the art program at the shelter, I presented to Janet's two second year comms classes. We chatted, the clients shared some of their story and I gave the students a tour of our facility. Yesterday, the groups made their presentations based on the directive -- to use narrative, performance and mass communications to create a piece that encapsulates the notion of Belonging in the context of the shelter.


Yesterday, I sat in the back of a classroom and watched and listened and was awed and moved and touched by the sincerity, depth, and compassion of these young people who will be, one day, our future.

There was poetry, song, video, slides, photos. Ideas for volunteering. Ideas to engage. Ideas to connect both sides of the street.

The world is in good hands.

These students are making sure of it.

I don't have all the links from their presentations -- though I'm hoping to get them soon. What I do have are a couple of photos and two video links.

They truly are amazing -- both the work they created and these young people who see so deeply into the heart of what our world needs now -- compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, love and a shared sense of who we are together and what we can do together, when we see the beauty of our humanity in all its light and darkness.

Enjoy. Let yourself be moved. Let yourself be inspired.

We can create a better world. The younger generation is. It is happening.

MRU Meets the DI -- Free Hugs

We Are Homeless -- MRU Comms 2500 students: Faith D, Jenna W, Sarah F, Kim M, Tanis B.

Thank you Janet and the Comms 2500 classes who so inspired me. You are amazing.


Joyceann Wycoff said...

How inspiring.

kaykuala said...

We have to retain faith on the young ones. It is necessary to instill good beings for the future. Great!

Anonymous said...

God bless Janet and her students.

hope they will work toward a better world.


S. Etole said...

very moving ....

Anonymous said...

L, they are brilliant, I feel our future is much safer now in their hands. Bravo, well done. Keep up the excellent work Janet and the Comms 2500 classes! They inspire me too!

Maureen said...

Impressive, creative, inspiring. I especially like the second video. Well done!

Arts web show said...

These videos even though such simple messages are very touching videos.
Free hugs, awesome idea.

Meryl Jaffe said...

Wow! This was impressive not only from a social consciousness perspective but as a teaching lesson as well. I my recent blog (hope you visit - I would love you to comment about your blog post because it is SO important and SO fits mine), I talk about how education MUST make learning personal and meaningful to be effective (in any subject). Your lessons is a perfect example of good teaching that students will LEARN.

Thank you - quite inspiring.

Again, I would love for you to link this in my blog:

Happy holidays - I will be back!

Meryl Jaffe, PhD