Thursday, January 20, 2011

LOVE: it is the way

When we say yes to the universe, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it. Making The Decision -- Saying Yes To The Universe -- Today's Daily Om

Trust. Invisible. Tough as steel. Fragile as a dewdrop. Invisible yet breakable. We can't hold onto it, yet know when it's there. Without it, there's no relationship with life, with the universe, with each other, with ourselves. With Trust in our hearts, connecting our minds to possibility, anything is possible.

Trusting in the Universe. In God. In the Divine -- trusting the unseen to be visible in every aspect of my being who I am, living my life as it is, embracing what is before me... somedays, that's a struggle of monumental heights. Yet, when I stand, In Love, when I simply Let go and Let God, all is possible. All is fluid. All is well in my world.

I do. Trust. In the Universe. In God. In the Divine. In the unseen nature of the world around me to be there, constantly, always, flowing with electrifying energy, constant current, continuous motion.

The Universe is all around me. Waiting. Wanting. To flow through me. With me. In me. The Universe is. I am my stumbling block to moving with grace and ease in its flow.

I can't see the Divine. I know It's there. In every moment. Every thing. Every particle of my being.

And the elemental essence of the Universe, of God, of the Divine... LOVE. it connects us. Flows through us. In us. Under and all around. LOVE is the answer. To Love. Be Love. In Love. Love is the answer I've been searching for. The message I've been seeking. LOVE. Constantly. Continuously. Completely. Be Love. Share Love. Accept Love.

Love when the sky is falling down.

Love when your heart is broken.

Love when the world is breaking up.

Love when the world is crumbling all around you.

Love when you would hate.

Love when you would kill.

Love when you would die.

Love when you would scream in anger and frustration.

Love when you would cry in sorrow and in grief.

Love through every moment. Every circumstance. Every facet of your being, In Love.

Over at Joyceann's Peaceful Legacies, she shares from the Rumi book of cards today --

Straying maps the path Rumi

Transformation Card:
Through love, disaster becomes good fortune.
Through love, a prison becomes a garden.
The way from defeat to victory runs through love:
Things are never as bad as you imagine them to be.

Love is unseen. Love is invisible yet felt. Known. Embraced.

Love is.... as the actors from A DI Wedding: The Musical stated last Wednesday when we performed a reading of the play at the High Performance Rodeo... LOVE. Always Love. It can never be anything else.

Being part of this play puts me in contact with the Divine every day. Working at a homeless shelter connects me to the wonder and mystery of life every day. Amidst the turmoil and chaos of broken down lives and beat up dreams, the Universe appears in all its duality, all its glory. God walks amongst us in all His/Her beauty. And Love rises up to greet me, in all its aspects, reminding me that no matter what is going on in the world around me, when I stand In Love, I am standing where I want to be.

I edited down the video from the reading of A DI Wedding: the Musical (which was taken on my Iphone) and am showing you the 'first cut'. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


you say love is the answer

what ever happened to: location, location, location?


timing, timing, timing?

love, and trust, as we've both recently learned are pretty important pillars of relationships

next time .... for me, no pillars

I'm building on the ground - so I feel grounded, no pillars to fall or crumble, no foundation to fall apart

just me, on the ground, with my heart

we each cope in our own ways - I'm watching you .... taking some, passing on some, observing the rest

it, this time, will be over

not soon

but it will be over

not soon enuff!!



Maureen said...

Enjoyed the video! Thanks for the peek.

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Tough as steel. Fragile as a dewdrop. -- Beautiful! What a lovely post and thanks for the shoutout and sharing the video.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Gallagher Trafford here, Louise's eldest sister. When Jim (my husband)brought your printed blog to the hospital, I cried. Cried because I had no idea that I was loved so much. I was thankful that my baby sister is such an amazing writer and that she shared my Crohn's/Colostomy saga with her blog friends. All of your prayers and comments deeply moved me and I know that they have (and are) helping me to heal. I realized that we are never alone on our journey no matter how difficult it might be. It is a hard road sometimes with so many health issues but with family and friends always holding you physically and spiritually, everything is possible. Thank-you Louise for your generosity of spirit and for sharing your thoughts each day. I can hardly wait to have my 1/2 cup of java and read your blog each and every morning. I have said a prayer for your blog friend whose sister also has Crohn's...please wish her well from me. I'm now healing at home with the incredible support of my husband. I WILL golf and ski again and enjoy making many more family dinners. Love you so much little sis, Jackie (p.s. a virtual hug and prayer to all of you who commented).

Short Poems said...

Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing!

Brandi said...

Love, love LOVE this video!!!

And it's kinda cool that your sister Jackie commented here! God bless you, Jackie, on your journey of healing!

Anonymous said...

i could not hear all of it. but, what i saw and heard of the video was good. the only place i ever found love was clear and lovely. and the song "get a room" i did not hear all of it but, it was quite cute.

it will be a wonderful live performance.

JTS said...

What a powerful post, Louise! We see things so much alike that I am elated about discovering your blog. So much to learn from and grow! I have long believed that love is the most powerful force in the universe. You said it all here!

Anonymous said...

love really answers almost all questions.

Have a marvelous weekend.