Friday, January 28, 2011

Love you more

It's another early morning meeting Friday. Shower, dress, out the door by 7... that's my plan.

First though, I want to offer up something to inspire and ignite your morning.

I awoke to find a message from my eldest daughter in my INBOX.

Morning Mom! Found an incredible talk last night. Thought you might enjoy! Love you more than all the love in the world.

Now, I love that she loves me more than all the love in the world -- and finally, she's trumped me! Because since I can remember, I've ended every note, card, email, letter to her and her sister with.... Love you more than..... and I would try to find something so way out there they'd never be able to get bigger than that!

Love you more than all the snowflakes that will ever fall.

Love you more than all the drops of rain that will ever splatter on the ground.

Love you more than all the gusts of wind that will ever blow.

Love you more than all the grains of sand that will ever lie upon a beach.

C.C., just because he's a funny guy and loves to 'win', has truncated the sentence. Love you more. Period. No comparative. No simile -- just a big grin.

I reply -- That's because I'm easier to love :) (and then I smile sweetly) tee hee!

(It's true. I am btw, easier to love!) Just kidding. Well. Sort of. OK. Not really. I'm really easy to love.

Or perhaps, it's more that I believe I'm worthy -- of love.

Because I do.

Know. Deep within me. I am worthy.

Didn't always.

Coming through the dark half decade of my soul -- that would be the experience of the man who promised to love me 'til death do us part and then set out to make the death part happen.

Coming through that experience -- I got a lesson in humility, sorrow, heartbreak.... and.... vulnerability.

Which is what makes this talk by Brene Brown, Research Professor at Houston University -- and story-teller -- so compelling.

She talks about whole-heartedness and vulnerability.

It is an inspiring and enlightening talk. It made me want to get up and dance and yell out loud -- YES! But I didn't. At least, not in the 'real world' 'cause the house is sleeping and I might have awoken the dog too!

But seriously. WOW!!!! I'm dancing and yelling. YES! YES! YES!

So -- back to the email from my daughter. The fact she gets I'll get this talk. The fact she knows it will touch me. The fact it touched her in a way that excited her, enlightened her... WOW!

That's what excites me most -- she gets it! And wants to share her getting it with me :) Imagine her life knowing her worthiness. Imagine the vistas opening up before her when she lives from that place of vulnerability -- that palce, as Brene Brown says, that is the birthplace of JOY. LOVE. CREATIVITY.

Yup -- this morning I get it! And I get, loving more than all the love in the world is a great way to live.

Aren't I just the perfect English writer this morning! :)

I'm just being vulnerable for y'all. (that's my Texas accent).

Enough. I am enough. I am worthy.

So are you!

And now, I have just enough time for a shower and dress to get out of the door. Watch me do it in 34 minutes flat!

May you have a day of wonder. A day where your heart breaks wide open in love.

"Brené Brown is an absolute legend. This is groundbreaking - not in terms of peoples awareness of these subjects and what they mean... But in these messages enhanced communication made accessible to a wider audience on this level. I have a jumbled up jigsaw in front of me with pieces I've been putting together my whole life- and Brené Brown has just connected so many pieces. This makes so much sense on so many levels. Really awesome stuff. I will watch this a few times and recommend it to people!"
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Cheryl said...

INCREDIBLE ...on so many levels. it doesn't just cross the bridge between science (research) and spirit .. it fills in the gap! Thanks, Louise, for sharing. Ms. Brown is a delight.

Anonymous said...


Awesome TEd talk ...

Mark said...

My daughter and I have a ritual: one of us says "I love you" and the other says, "I love you more" and then the first says "I love you most." So then we started saying "I love you more than most," which is a funny sort of backtracking, and then we both giggle.

Don't you love having daughters? said...

And, oh, by the way, I see some DISTINCT parallels between Brene Brown's talk and what I wrote in my blog today... That whole openness to who you are rather than who you are supposed to become...

Claudia said...

..about whole-heartedness and vulnerability... this spoke to me..

Brandi said...

You are, indeed, worthy of love!

And I like the idea that you end your notes and cards like that.....I like it more that all the sentences that will ever be finished!

Have a super weekend, dear friend, I think you are pretty special!


S. Etole said...

You are such a delight ...

Anne Lang Bundy said...

... the man who promised to love me 'til death do us part and then set out to make the death part happen.

Your words often haunt me, Louise. I can no longer count the number of women whose words haunt me, every one of them the reason I write fiction the way I do. I do not regret that I've joined the ranks, so that the words shall now haunt me in a new way.

As for that love. *sigh* When I cuddle my youngest (just turned 6), no matter how many times I say it, he makes me repeat it until he hears every word, because I say it all in one breath:

"I love you today more than I loved you yesterday but not as much as I'm gonna love you tomorrow."

Ruth said...

Fantastic talk! And yes, the best is seeing our kids become that person, able to get it. I must say I'm a little envious of my own kids getting it long, long before I did. In fact, sometimes they get things before I do now.

Very meaningful post. Thank you.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I love that so many of you shared your special words of love. Lovely!

C.C. read my blog and said... I'm surprised you didn't say the other thing I say... Love you more than a thousand sockeye.

LOL -- I wouldn't know how to explain that one my love, I told him :)

And it is awesome when I see my kids getting it -- and absolutely right -- sooner than I ever did! But then, i figure, they've got mother's like us who are willing to get it, no matter our age, and share our getting with them and others so freely and gracefully!


You are all so meaningful to me.


Anne Lang Bundy said...

I didn't have time to view the clip the other day when I visited. But I sensed I needed to not miss it.

I'm so very glad you shared this, Louise. I've no doubt I'll need to come back and listen another time or two. I do not want to miss the way God would use it in my life.

Anonymous said...

nothing is more beautiful than this feeling. :)