Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No more. (A poem)

No more.

No more, she said. No more.
Never again.

No more tears
running over
into a bucketful of sorrow
no more fears
into a river of regret.
No more talk of darkness.

No more he whispered
No more.

And she believed
and stayed
in hopeful anticipation
of the promise of
wide eyed fears
rising in the darkness
of the storm
of being loved
by him.

She stayed
holding on
to the promise of
no more anger
funnelling dark clouds
no more words
daggers to the heart
slicing light
into blood red
of regret.

No more talk of darkness.

And she stayed
and the winds blew
and fear rose
into the darkness
beneath the flood of terror
screaming in the night.

It was a natural
they said.
It was bound
to happen.

She stayed
too long
she should have
what he was capable of.

She did.
Once upon a time
he was capable
of loving
of sweet words
piercing her heart
of soft gestures
drowning her senses
in his wide-eyed
of her beauty
in his promises
of happily-ever-after.

And so, she waited
wide eyed
waited for his promises
of no more
to appear
on the crimson dawn of
rose petals
strewn across the coffin
of her dreams
lips sealed

No more talk of darkness
he whispered
Forget these wide eyed fears.

and she did
and talk no more
of fear
in the darkness.


It is a Carry on Tuesday and I have answered the call to write a poem based on the opening lines of the duet, All I Ask Of You from Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Phantom of the Opera.

The invitation is to use some or part or all of the lines, No more talk of darkness/Forget these wide eyed fears, within your poem or prose and then, when finished, link in at Carry on Tuesday.

Take a click on over to Carry on Tuesday and read some of the amazing offerings from the other participants that will appear today and into tomorrow. Maybe... just maybe, your wide eyed fears of writing a poem, or two, will disappear into the darkness and you will be inspired to join in the light of writing poetry! Wouldn't that be grand!


Maureen said...

"It was a natural / disaster/ they said.": This line really stands out.

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Obviously a powerful poetry prompt for both you and Maureen. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

a splendid poem.

angels love bad men...

lots of love.

Anonymous said...


great technique . . . but I wonder, is this poem about your far-far-past, recent-past or your present?

tell me that?


Sandra Heska King said...

I hear your heart. Powerful.work

Jingle said...

awesome take.
Happy Tuesday.

Claudia said...

the wide eyed fear stood out for me here and the no more..heartfelt and strong

Hope said...

this is deep and thought provoking.
'it was bound to happen' stands out for me

well done!

JTS said...

Beautifully crafted poem, and so very real! This poem recalled another time in my life when it could have been written by me. Great job!

S. Etole said...

haunting ...