Saturday, January 8, 2011

On the run

I don't have a post to write today. I'm in a rush and have to get to the shelter where I work, for a session with our writers group. Clients, writers and performers from the larger community have been coming together since before Christmas to create a play: A DI Wedding: The Musical which will be performed in April as part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

It's been a fun process thus far. We meet once a week to talk about love, to do writing exercises or write 'scenes'. Little vignettes of prose that answer questions like, "What is Love?" "Can love awaken at a homeless shelter?" "What's your perfect first date?"

Today, we're working on our segment of In/Visible, which will happen on Wednesday as part of the High Performance Rodeo .

What fun!

And then, when we're finished with the writing group, I'm giving The Passion Test to a group of women for the afternoon.

Busy day.

Must run.

Hope you have a day of wonder!


Hope said...

have a wonderful day, Louise!

Maureen said...

It all sounds splendid.

Have a marvelous weekend.

JTS said...

What a wonderful idea, to bring writing classes to a homeless shelter! What stories to be told! I love that you are doing something so meaningful with your life. Busy is a good thing when it's like this even if I'm sure it's tiring as well. Me,I'm off work today so need to address my "other job" - house cleaning, laundry, etc. Not so very joyful. But I have date night with my husband to look forward to later! Hope your day is great!

Anonymous said...

you are going to have a lovely day, thats for sure.

have lots and lots of fun.

lots of love

JTS said...

I've linked to you here...
Thank you for inspiring me to try a little harder!