Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ON the run

On the run this morning. A seven am meeting calls. Sleep wants to linger and I must get running.

And yet, I hesitate, here at my computer, the glow of the lamp a golden halo on my desk, illuminating my hands, my fingers flying across the keyboard.

Outside, the world is dark, bathed in the soft darkness of 'just before dawn'.

And I must run.

It is that phrase, 'on the run' that is resonating. Keeping me here. Pulling me into deeper thought, into mystery, the past, that place where awareness lurks in the lingering dark, calling out for release if only... I give voice to the thoughts leaping up in anticipation of being formed into words.

For a beautiful read on words and language and thoughts on "We may as well believe," click on over to Rumi Day's one of Ruth's places and then... click on over to her blog, Syhnc-ro-ni-zing where she has a poem about the bird's flying and type setting.

I must run... the bird is on the wing.


May you have a day of wonder. A day of beauty.


Anonymous said...

may the wings carry you as weightlessly as the bird's wings do.

hope you had a lovely day.


Hope said...

and you as well, Louise

thank you for your visit and comment

Maureen said...

Glad you found your way to Ruth's blogs. She's quite wonderful.

S. Etole said...

I enjoyed the link you left today ... my aunt was a typesetter so Ruth's poem was especially meaningful.

Anonymous said...

on the run... yes, that does make me think of some kind of mystery story.

or that tv show from the 60's...the fugitive.

JTS said...

My life seems always to be "on the run", I wish it wasn't! That's why this year I am determined to carve out some writing time for myself each day. For me that is down time, therapy time, me time! I know how hard it is to step away from the keyboard once the words start to form in your head. :-) I hope your day turned out to be a good one. Namaste

Arts web show said...

Have a great day too.
Somehow it feels like everybody's on the run, i'm sure these early mornings are a royal pain. lol

Ruth said...

I love how you've described the "lingering dark" -- it really gives the feel of the slowness I need, almost like food.

Thank you for such a kind word and the links. I can't seem to stop thinking about the topic of technology, and what we leave behind.