Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dragon Country by Joyceann Wycoff

My lovely blog sister Joyceann Wycoff sent me an email last night with an invitation to "Vote for Me!"

Joyceann signed up for the "Top Self-Help Author" competition and in the past two weeks has created a mini-webpage and a video ... and also a Tweetinar (a 28-day VERY mini-seminar which launched today). The competition is about marketing as much as writing and needs to gather votes to support her application.

So.... here's the invitation.

Joyceann's blog, Peaceful Legacies, is one of my favourite daily stops in the morning. She is always filled with wonderful insights, graciously shares beautiful art and poetry and ideas with anyone who stops by. For the month of January she shared a Rumi reading, card and video a day -- and it was beautiful and inspiring and really refreshing to read and listen to every morning.

I dropped into her Dragon Country site -- and got caught up in the possibilities. I'm excited to receive the videos and content she's going to be sending that will inspire me to step fearlessly into my Dragon Country so I too can 'live the life of my dreams'.

Now -- not that I'm not. Living the life of my dreams. I love my life. But.... (don't you hate those buts?) there are things I want to do, things I need to do, things I must do, to fulfill on my promise to the world -- to share my gifts with open-hearted abandon. To nurture my best so you can be your best. To live in the rapture of now fully alive to the wonder and joy of this moment.

So... here's the invite. Click on over to Dragon Country ... an adventure in transforming your life.

Please help Joyce make this book a reality ... go to and vote for her in the Hampton Roads "Top Self-Help Author" competition.

Dragon Country Tweetinar: Twitter: @jwycoff (Could this be transformation in an eye-blink?)

And... forward the link to everyone you know!

I'm inspired. Hope you are too!

May your day be filled with wonder, may you dance in the wonder of you through every moment of your day.



Maureen said...

I'm so thrilled for our blog sister!

S. Etole said...

Will head that way ...

Joyceann Wycoff said...

The heavens opened up and dropped daffodils all over me when I connected with my incredible blog sisters ... Louise, Maureen and Diane. Thank you so much for being such an inspirational and supportive part of my journey.

trisha said...

you are a wonderful person louise. i will check it for sure.