Monday, February 28, 2011

A Memetastic Monday!

So, this morning, as is my ritual, I clicked on over to Maureen Doallas' Writing without Paper to discover she'd presented me with an award. "Memetastic".How cool is that? Wish I knew what it meant though! Oh well, it sure looks happy and I sure am delighted to be honoured with its presence.

Now, there are certain requirements of this award which I've copied and pasted from Maureen's blog:

✦ Link back to the blogger who bestows the award. (✓) (Writing Without Paper)
✦ Display the image from the award creator (see graphic above). (✓)
✦ Pass the award on to five (5) other bloggers who must follow these rules. (✓)
✦ Link the post back, so Jillsmo can follow its trajectory. (✓)

And then the fifth, and not so easy to accomplish requirement 'cause it means I gotta tell a lie, or two. Four to be exact...

✦ List five (5) facts, four (4) of which must be lies. (✓) (see below)

But first, the best part, the links of five bloggers who, hopefully, will follow these rules and be equally as delighted as me to receive the award!

Drum roll please....

And now I sweep out onto stage wearing the latest red gown from Versace. No wait, that's the Academy Awards and that's my eldest daughter in five years.

I'm still in my flannel pjs still, hair mussed, feet in snuggly slippers and coffee steaming in a mug beside me on my desk!

And, before I get to the winners, I just want you to know, this isn't easy (not just the four lies part) The name five recipients out of all the amazing writers and photographers and poets out there in the blogosphere. So, my goal is to give a cross-section -- an essayist/poet, a community activist/builder/writer, a combo (writer/photographer/poet), a photographer, and a humorist.

And so, without further ado.... The recipients are are.... (let's try that drum roll again)

And now, for the tricky part...

A fact amidst four lies about me.

+ I had a walk-on part in The Tempest when I was 24 because my bosses wife was the Stage Manager at the Citadel Theatre where it was playing and I won a bet at a dinner party. ( I walked from stage left to stage right and disappeared off stage)

+ While studying at the University of Strassbourg I met the boy who would become my first husband.

+ I drove a pink Cadillac for a year in 1979 because I was selling Mary Kay and did really, really well.

+ I currently do not own a red scarf -- though I do own at least 85 scarves. (note the currently. Now that I've realized my lack -- I'll have to fix it!)

+ My second toe is longer than my big toe on my right foot, but not on the left. (go figure).

So there you have it. Can you detect the one truth amidst the four lies. If you can..... comment back and I'll announce a winner on Tuesday AND!!!! There's a prize! I won't say what it is until I announce the winner and the prize is in the mail.

Looking forward to your responses.

And -- just so you know, yesterday's art gallery opening was a shining success. We sold 14 pieces of the 25 on display and three of the artists were in attendance -- and over the moon with gratitude and happiness for the success of the event.

Here's a few photos to enjoy! -- Taken from my Iphone as the camera went dead on the firsts shot!


Maureen said...

Congratulations! You were the first person to get the correct answer and select the one truth among the lies in yesterday's post.

Congratulations, too, on the sales of the work in the gallery space. Terrific!

S. Etole said...

Oh, Louise, thank you! I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate or not. But thank you!!!!

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Louise ... I think you're so memetastic that all of those could be true! I look forward to hearing which one really is.

Brandi said...

Oh wow! You think I'm a humorist?? Heehee, that's funny all on its own!! :)

This is pretty cool! My first blog award. Dang, and I'm not prepared at all for this (give me a moment to pull my page-long speech from my bountiful cleavage).
Thank you to my friends, my family and to you, Louise, the apparent single voter, in this prestigious award ceremony. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this blog award to be so....colourful and....bright. (wipe tear away). Maybe now that I am part of such an awesome and elite group, Charlie Sheen will stop calling me. Thank you and God bless!!

Seriouzly, thanks for thinking of're the sweetest!! :) said...

Oh, my. You are a FANTASTIC liar! They ALL sound TOTALLY plausible; I'm not sure there's any way I can live up to this! But I promise to try...