Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Surprises

It's always nice on a not quite sub-arctic but still chilly Saturday morning to lie in bed, troll through blogs and videos to uncover treasures and share them with friends.

So this lovely Saturday morning, snuggled in my bed, Ellie the wonder dog at my feet and Marley the Great Cat curled up beside me, I'm sharing finds that have intriqued and inspired me this morning.

One I found through a suggestion from Kathleen Overby at Almost Paradisical -- Jason Mraz singing Beautiful Mess -- a suggestion she made in response to my blog last week, Life as I know It.

In my journey this morning, I wandered over to Ruth's synch-ro-ni-zing blog and found a delightful essay on Hobson's Choice -- as well as a clip from the movie -- all in preparation of tomorrow night's big night at the Oscars. Do check out Oscar Night and Hobson's Choice in Black and White.

Maureen's Saturday Sharing at Writing Without Paper include a wonderful view into the Smithsonian's archives -- and a fascinating video that give you a peek inside the National Archives in the US.

Glynn over at Faith. Fiction. Friends. has a list of poetry, prose and photos that will keep you entranced throughout the weekend. I always feel so honoured to find my writings amidst his stellar cast of Saturday Good Reads.

And, I took a peek over at a new blog I've never visited before The Solitary Walker (a link I found through a Comment at Ruth's place) and discovered this delightful piece of song from Amoya on Putamayo Presents CD -- Women of the World International. Amoya -- Nweti


I am!


Maureen said...

Thank you for highlighting WWP.

Hope you have a splendid weekend. Hugs.

JTS said...

Blog surfingand discovering new folks with good things to say.. that's my idea of a lovely way to start the weekend!

I am so excited that your book is on it's way to me... I can't wait to devour it! :-))

Anonymous said...

very colourful!

Ruth said...

Thank you for linking and your kind words, Louise!

I'm so glad you found Robert at The Solitary Walker. He writes beautiful pots, and I haven't seen the one you linked yet ...

Happy Sunday!

Claudia said...

oh - will have to check some of them out..will spotlight ruth and lorenzo with their rilke year blog on tuesday at one stop...and stumbled upon them because you mentioned it on your blog...thousand thanks louise..