Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going back to bed.

I am tired today. The after-effects of Daylight Savings time changes. Long days. Busy work schedule. Restless nights.

Yesterday, I left the house at 6:15 to pick up a co-worker for a 7 am meeting. It was 8:15 pm when I left the shelter where I work after giving a presentation and tour to a group from United Way. In between, I had a director's meeting, a meeting with our Alderman, a meeting with a cohort at another agency to talk about a joint venture we'd like to initiate. I sat in on our play writing group. Wrote an email to a troublesome volunteer and met with one of my staff to talk about our upcoming Volunteer Appreciation. And sprinkled amidst the meetings I answered phone calls, emails, and queries from those who stopped by my office with a quick question, idea, or comment to share on various topics.

And then, when I left the shelter, I joined two girlfriends for dinner. I had thought of cancelling -- I had anticipated my presentation and tour would be finished by 7:30 but, between their questions, issues that arose as we walked through the building, and a guest speaker at the beginning of the session, it had taken longer. I called my friends to say I was just leaving the office, and they told me they had waited on dinner until I got there. I got there. Enjoyed our conversation and was home and in bed by 11:30.

I am tired.

Glynn Young over at Faith. Fiction. Friends has a guest post today over at High Calling Blogs. In, Pixels and Electrons Glynn distills his day into the importance of the 'little things' that add up to a whole lot of something that can, and does make a difference in the world when what we do comes from a place of Love.

It's well worth the read. And a tweet!

Glynn quotes Frederick Buechner from, The Magnificent Defeat. Glynn writes, "Frederick Buechner wrote this 20 years before anyone thought of desktops and laptops, mobile computing and the internet:
“All the absurd little meetings, decisions, inner skirmishes that go to make up
our days. It all adds up to very little, and yet it adds up to very much....""

To read the rest of the quote, and Glynn's article, click HERE.

You'll be glad you did.

In the meantime, I'm going back to bed for an hour. When I awake, I'll feel refreshed, renewed, refocused.

Have a great day everyone. A day of wonder. A day of knowing that sometimes, the little thing that is most important is to STOP. Stop Typing. Thinking. Doing more of everything so you find that sacred space where life appears in the simplest gifts. Like the silence that arises when you quit filling time with 'busy'.



Maureen said...

What an incredible non-stop day you had. You deserve a vacation!

Laura said...

Isn't Glynn the best? I'm jumping over here from Maureen's today. So glad I did because I still have not recovered from that loss of one little hour of sleep! I attended a seminar last week that emphasized the importance of sleep in our emotional and physical health. It made me want to sleep more :).

Happy Wednesday, Louise. always a pleasure to stop in here!

trisha said...

some times that stolen hour fills us up with deepest peace. :)

hope you relished it.


Claudia said...

sounds exhausting - hope you're getting a bit more sleep the next few days

S. Etole said...

the silence is good ... very, very good

Glynn said...

Louise - thanks so much for the mention. :)

Louise Gallagher said...

I did! Go back to sleep for an hour. And I did! Wake up feeling refreshed.

Even more refreshed today because I was home from the office by 6:30 and didn't do a lot of work after that! I knew I was tired when I didn't go to my meditation group -- I needed to give my mind a rest -- lol -- how's that for an oxymoron:)!