Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tweeting Juliet (a poem)

Photograph: The Show Must Go On by Jacob F. Lucas.
Used with permission for One Stop Poetry

Romeo, Romeo
come thee hither
I've got news that'll drive you all a twitter
Desdemona, the tart, has run off with a Moor
Now she's banned from entering her father's door.

Oh Romeo, Romeo
come here my sweet
I've got something I just gotta tweet
'bout a mid-summer's dream of love gone astray
and a donkey-headed man with a real foul bray.

Romeo, Romeo
Quick! Come here now
I've got some juicy gossip for your RSS feed crowd
Ophelia's been told to get off to a nunnery
and Hamlet is spouting mad-minded comment'ry.

Romeo, Romeo
come and look
This story deserves a big Like in my Book
It's a comedy of errors about two lost sons
and the search to reunite them by their father Egeon.

Oh Romeo, Romeo
What a mess
I must post the news in 140 characters or less
but all this twittering has put my mind in such a fog
These characters deserve a full post on my blog.


Over at One Stop Poetry, Chris Galford has posted an interview with Seattle based photographer, Jacob Lucas along with one of his photos as a poetry prompt -- see photo above. Jacob F. Lucas, please visit the site.

Hopping on over to Glynn's Faith. Fiction. Friends, I was intriqued to see the photo prompt inspired him to write a poem called, Broadway Revival of an Old Favourite -- combine Glynn's poem with Jacob Lucas' comments about tweets and FB likes and 140 characters ... and suddenly I was inspired to write from Juliet's perspective of the writings of Shakespeare. Go figure. It all makes sense, right?

Moral of the story. Always count on the unexpected with the Muse. She's keen to take you where the spirit leads away from the linear path of least resistance.


Maureen said...

Love this, Louise. I hear it in my head as a rap. Very creative!

dustus said...

Okay, where's the "big Like" button for this one! lol Very cool to imagine Romeo and Juliet transported to the cyber age—a creative and entertaining poem.

Joyceann Wycoff said...

My twitterpated heart
With thy words
Is now twittersated.

JL Dodge said...

Over the top ...crazy good !!!

Claudia said...

ha - so nice - where's the like button here...smiles
love the whole idea and wonder if you have seen the video on youtube about the digital story of the nativity - think you will love it

Anonymous said...

back to the future

Elaine said...

Oh how cute is this. Love it!

Brian Miller said...

haha. how far our literature has barely a few tweets...smiles....clicking LIKE...

Gigi Ann said...

Loved it, even if I don't tweeter.. very creative.

Maureen said...

Just want you to know I tweeted this and it's received some good comments.

wurdz said...

very nice!i often wonder what would happen if people from the past were dropped into the gave me a glance!

Steve Isaak said...

Clever, imaginative, updated LOL approach to the picture. One of the most distinctive ones in this week's entries.

Beachanny said...

So much fun, so creative, so allusional - I think Will would like this if he were here. And clearly he is as everyone has found something of the Bard to write about today and you've done it so well and so cleverly. It made me smile and feel all warm and happy. Thanks, Gay

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks everyone!

And imagine! It was tweeted. The Bard would be proud :)

Hope said...

enjoyed it very much!

Glynn said...

So I'm sitting in a hotel room near Omaha and I'm laughing out loud. What's Juliet's Twitter name? @balcony? @romeoed? You could have some real fun with this.
Romeo and Juliet by @shakespoke.

Louise Gallagher said...

Tee hee Glynn -- that would be priceless... hmmm..... good idea.... :)

Anonymous said...

That was very clever and entertaining, Louise. I love it--made me smile!

trisha said...

this is hilarious!