Monday, April 4, 2011

Give Yourself a Break Day!

Almost all words do have color and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone's eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her too. Gladys Taber

Having spent the weekend talking about Criteria Words and speaking to someone's heart, I love the quote by Gladys Taber.

Having spent the weekend being of service, I've decided to designate today, "Give myself a BREAK DAY!"

As in, give myself the medicine of time to savour the moment. Time to fill in the gaps. time.

It was an amazing weekend. Filled with Aha! moments. Quiet tears and openings hearts. Fading fears and rising courage.

It was a weekend to dance, to laugh, to smile, to sing out loud.

it was a weekend to love.

And during it, I made a commitment to take better care of "ME"!

this morning, I received an email from a very dear person, a man I knew many years ago with whom I am, gratefully, back in touch. He commented on how much I do and wondered how I fit it all in.

And the truth is.... I don't.

that's the challenge.

There is a difference between cramming every moment of life full of all the wonder and joy there can be,


Stuffing so much into the moment there's no time to treasure the wonder and joy there is.

I'm suffering from being over-stuffed.

Time to kick-back, lay-off, lay-up awhile to savour the juicy bits of life that appear in the quiet moments of being at peace.

Time to relax.

But.... first.... (there's always a but). It's time to get my sorry-butt out of here!

I have a 7am meeting and must run. But! I'll be back and my goal this week is to carve out more 'me' time and less 'gotta do it' time!

My mission is to slow it down to enjoy the moment I'm in!

I am woman, hear me BREATHE!

Okay, so that wasn't as funny as I think it is. Truth is, after a wonderful weekend and then a dinner last night with friends from New York, I am filled with joy and laughter and that sense of wonder at the depth of the human spirit and our human condition.

WE ARE AMAZING! Beings of light and wonder. Beings of beauty and soul. We are truly amazing.


Maureen said...

After all I know you gave over the weekend, you deserve a break. Namaste.

Joyce Wycoff said...

How lovely to return to the blog world and read your rainbow of words. I sat by a guy from Calgary during a show on the cruise ... I kept thinking, wouldn't it be fun if it were Louise instead.

Hug yourself for me.

Anonymous said...


when full, let rest
to digest.


Hope said...

have a wonderful rest!

Anonymous said...

You deserve to take care of you! And I'm so glad you are going to do it!

Hugs friends, have a blessed week :)

Fiona said...

I hear you and I got the 'I am woman, hear me breathe' comment.

Enjoy your 'me' time

Cheers, Fi

trisha said...

beautiful intention louise, hope you made the best of the day.

lots of love.