Friday, April 15, 2011

I have walked away (a poem)

The prompt was: Write a poem of love gone wrong.

Wondering when or how can love go wrong, when Love is all there is, I thought, I'll write a poem of how wrong I have been in love, knowing, there is never wrong in love, only poor timing, poor judgment, poor sight.

There is never wrong in Love for there is only Love in Love. The rest is just being human.

I Have Walked Away
© Louise Gallagher 2011

I have loved
of the heart
broken down into pieces
like tiny petals of a daisy
pulled from the centre
where the heart
of what's the matter
lies tossed out
upon a marriage bed
of believing
he loves me
when he loves me not.

I have cried
for another chance
to be
as I want to be
pulled into the vortex
of my lover's arms
wide open
holding me
upon a marriage bed
where promises of love
forever more
held me silent
in the face of danger
to embrace me.

I have walked
never looking back
to see
his figure
in the mists of love
gone wrong
gone bad
gone anywhere
but happily ever after.

I have walked away
and never looked back
in that backwards glance
I risk
turning back
and never having
the love I want.


Ruth said...

So true, so beautiful, Louise. Love is love, how can it be wrong?

The last stanza expresses well that tension we feel in the choices that keep coming up in relationships. Which risk do we choose to take? Being alone, or being disappointed?

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Ruth - your poems always inspire me to write poetry. And I am always amazed by what pours forth upon the page.

Anonymous said...

Poet Louise,

Nice piece.

We learn, as you have, that we don't get love by giving it - or simply by being lovable.

Love, reciprocal love, is so elusive - like holding mercury in our palm - the hardder we work at it (of have to work at it) the more elusive it becomes.


p.s. thanks for the invite to your launch - I plan to attend

Maureen said...

One of your best! Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

good one, louise!

Joyce Wycoff said...

Your words tug at my heart.

Claudia said...

this is deep, sad, vulnerable and strong - all at the same time - real and heartfelt

trisha said...

fabulous louise, some shattering experiences leave us matured and wise.