Monday, April 25, 2011

The Long View

It was a sublimely beautiful weekend. C.C. and I, needed to work through some challenges and decided to get out of the city to give ourselves time and perspective, along with an opporutnity to just be, the two of us.

And we did. Get an opportunity to spend time together, just the two of us, along with gaining some perspective.

It was apropros to our weekend that our room at the Rimrock Hotel offered an expansive view of the Bow Valley. The longview into beauty. From the vista of our eigth floor room, we could see as 'far as tomorrow'. From that view, we gained perspective of the challenges we've been facing -- C.C. is working in a city 7 hours drive away. He will be there for a couple of years. The question has been -- when will I move?

Our realization and understanding together over the weekend was -- I won't. The beauty of gaining perspective of where we've both been at odds over the past few weeks has been to understand how, where not communicating all our thoughts on the situation, has created strife between us. He's been feeling 'wrong' thinking I should move. I've been feeling uncomfortable thinking I should move. He hasn't wanted to pressure me into moving, and in fact, had decided I won't -- but the way he voiced that left me feeling I was unwanted. I haven't wanted to make him feel I wasn't supporting him in his work there, and thus had thought that I was making the best of a 'bad' situation by finding value in moving there.

And thus, a real hodgepodge of misunderstanding ensued.

From the long view of our room, we were able to both hear each other, and to realize -- we both want the same thing -- to be together, but we don't need to physically be together every day to have what we want.

It was, a weekend of revelation. Of rebirth. Of rekindling all that makes our relationship whole and loving and valued.

As I said on Saturday night when the Sommelier at EDEN, the restaurant in the Rimrock where we had dinner, asked us, "what are you celebrating?"

"New Beginnnings," I replied.

And we both clinked our crystal champagne glasses and toasted, new beginnings.

Very apropros to Easter. Very apropos to Love's healing power.

And, btw, if you ever have a chance to dine at EDEN, do it! It was truly the most divine, decadent and enchanting meal ever! My eldest daughter, when she found out where we'd dined exclaimed, "OMG! That's considered the best restaurant in Canada!"

I understand why.

And as I sat in our room, curled up in a big leather chair, gazing at the view, the muse visited...

The Long View

Silent still
they stand
dark sentinels
guarding forest path
where lone wolf roams
and mule deer lope
in communion with nature's beauty.

Silent still
the forest marches
across valley bottom
up stirated mountain crags
the weak fall back
and only the brave survive
to stalk mountain peaks
where sunlight dances
upon ancient rock
challenging the sky
to fall down
upon its beauty.

Silent, still
nature's glory
beneath cerulean sky
by man's trespass
eroding silent forest
and meandering stream
through ancient rock
that has not given
way to man's insistence
he can claim
nature's beauty
the mountains stand
silent against time.


Maureen said...

So glad you two had the chance to take time away and recover the joy you share together. Hugs.

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Beautiful way to find love and wholeness in a new model of relationship. Hugs to both of you.

Anonymous said...

here's to new beginnings! said...

This is such a classic instance of miscommunication: so many good intentions... it reminds me of that wonderful O Henry story, Gift of the Magi. Thanks so much for taking the time to work it out; thanks also for sharing the hope that brings for all of life's challenges!

Claudia said...

no wonder the muse visited with such an amazing
i love your poem and i love what you told us about your time together - it happens so easy that misunderstandings grow like weeds in our garden..

S. Etole said...

what an incredible view ... on many levels

Fiona said...

Glad everything is okay - getting away from everything is often what is needed to focus on whats important.

Here's to success with new beginnings

Hugs, Fi

trisha said...

splendid poem louise. glad that you had a beautiful time.