Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothing survives Love

I am standing on a small knoll looking out over a vast plain. Not to far in the distance, there is a village. It looks peaceful from this vantage point and I approach. As I get closer I hear guns firing, screams. I smell gunsmoke.

I enter the town and see a village at war. People killing people. I see a small child. Crying. I bend to pick her up and a soldier approaches, his gun aimed at me. "Please stop," I plead and he puts down his gun but someone from behind shoots him and he falls to the ground.

I feel helpless.

I breathe, deeply. I know my voice cannot be heard amidst the gunshots and the shouting and the crying. I know I am not powerful enough to stop the fighting.

I call upon my 'group', others who believe like me that only love can destroy war. My meditation group is there. We join hands. The child linked between us. We walk from the village and turn to face it. We are part of a circle of thousands and thousands, love light streaming from our hearts, surrounding the village.

We stand and pray and hold the light on the village.

The shooting stops. Guns are laid down and people walk from the village towards us. they are smiling. They are peaceful.

Nothing can survive love, says our meditation guide, Del, after the village exercise last night in our meditation circle. "The village and how you were in your meditation is how you are in your true core self," he told us.

I was relieved when he also explained that in my case, I have a strong belief in the need to 'save the world' through Love. Through working with group, collaboratively, to bring about an end to war.

Whew -- it was a relief to know I wasn't of a warlike state of mind! Everyone else had beautiful, happy, scenes and there I was, I thought, mired in war!

It isn't about the scene in the village. It's about what you do, how you behave, he told me.

I do. Believe. Ending war, anger, discord, enmity can only happen through Love. I do believe I am not powerful enough to change the world alone, we must do it together.

It was a powerful meditation last night. After the village scene I saw my human form standing alone, and I poured love and light upon me. I felt at peace, at One. I felt divine.

Nothing survives Love.

I like that. It gives me courage and strength and the conviction to know, in Love, nothing survives but Love.

May your day be filled with the power of Love creating all you dream of in your life.



trisha said...

Only love can save the world. beautiful and full of hope.

Maureen said...

Yes; imagine if each person anywhere in the world decided today would be the day and no one raised a hand or a voice or had a thought of ill-will.

S. Etole said...

Love never fails ...