Sunday, April 10, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday morning quiet. 'the book' is off at the graphic designer's for another cut at it. I should be getting a PDF back today. Another run through. Meeting tomorrow to go over final changes/layout/edits (only minor need apply) and then.... one last PDF. One last proof and Wednesday morning it is off to the printer.


I was telling my daughters last night that one of the things I've loved most about working on this book is the team. there are five of us. Myself, a co-worker, Jordan, the two photographers, christina (plus) nathan and the graphic designer, Rebecca. We each feel connected to this project. Connected and committed. The two photographers have donated countless hours coming to the shelter to take photos over the past six months. They've set up lights and taken 'Mona Lisa' shots of staff and clients and volunteers. They've chatted with clients, getting to know their stories before taking a perfect shot that reflects their humanity and their uniqueness.

Rebecca has translated an idea and hundreds of words and photos into concrete beauty on the page. She's created a visual space for each photograph to sing and for the words to resonate in hearts and minds.

Jordan, who is the Volunteer Coordinator and PR Assistant at the shelter, has created sanity in a sometimes insane process. He's pulled together threads of ideas, set-up photography sessions and ensured the details keep getting crossed off so that the final product becomes a reality without any missing pieces.

As a team, we have gelled together, laughed and flipped pages, teased and turned to another photo. We've spent hours at Bumphy's and at the Good Earth, crowded around a table, checking out Rebecca's laptop screen as she's shown us design alternatives. We've touched the screen of Christina's IPad and voted into the book, or off the page, the shots that speak to us or not. And we've done it all collaboratively, without one person feeling left out, vetoed or criticised.

it was been a dream team to work with.

Tomorrow, we will meet in the multi-purpose room on the sixth floor of the shelter where all 124 pages of the book will be laid out. We will juggle pages, balance text and colour and feel. We will do it all and in the end we will know,

Job Well Done.

These past two weeks have been particularly hectic as the 'end' has neared. Doing the creative work of writing for some of the words that were missing their meaning simply couldn't/didn't happen while I was at work. Not enough space to think clearly, to feel the muse calling, to hear the rhythm of the words flowing. I've had to do it at home and so, after working all day, I'd come home, take Ellie for a walk to clear my head, and then, pour myself a glass (just one glass because more diffuses the muse), I'd grab my laptop and wine and crawl into bed or sit on the settee in our bedroom and I would write and edit and flow into the words.

It has been a wonderful process. Enervating and exhilarating all in one.

and hopefully, within the next week, I'll be creating balance in my life!

that's my goal! that's my dream! And I can make it happen!


10 comments: said...

Sounds like an amazing project; how wonderful to see it coming to life!

Maureen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing and if possible helping promote this book. Congratulations.

Brandi said...

Awesome! Good for you guys!! :)

You may have mention before in a previous post, but does the monies from the book go to help the DI overall, or is there a specific program to benefit? Just curious...

Happy Sunday, my sunny friend :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Diane -- it is an awesome project!

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh Maureen -- that would be so awesome! maybe you should just fly west for the launch!!! wouldn't that be grand!



Louise Gallagher said...

Hey Brandi -- no specific program. We're not really looking at it as a 'fundraiser' though it hopefully will be! it's meant to support the ongoing work we do.

thanks my friend. Hope you're enjoying your day. Ellie and I are off to Nose Hill for a walk. (in the mud!)

Anonymous said...

those times together around a table... that sounds like a great time.

Josie said...

Achieving more balance in my life, definitely one of my goals too! I've had so little time to read my favorite blogs, like yours, and I appreciate so much all the wonderful and uplifting comments you've left on mine. Likewise, I have had little time to read, and am just getting well into your book. At times it takes my breath away, the words are too familiar. I know I could not finish it if I didn't know how things turn out for you. That reminds me of the post you wrote about wanting to know how the story ends. I know this one ends in triumph, and so it is a testament and I am eager to continue. I will write you when I've finished. This new book project sounds so awesome! It is the combined efforts of the group, the positive dynamics, that will make it shine, and I will definitely want a copy! Congrats to all of you for seeing it thru to the finish line. Take a little extra time to breathe now!

Nameste precious kindred soul, nameste.

Tele said...

It sounds like a beautiful, affirming project, Louise, and like you and your teammates are exactly the right people to be entrusted with it. I look forward to hearing more!

Hope said...

wonderful! congrats! Happy Sunday!