Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where is Ai Weiwei?

Every individual can take action. Every individual can make an impact. Ai Weiwei
I cried this morning. Hadn't intended to start my day with tears but I was watching a video Maureen at Writing without Paper posted this morning, and the tears came.

The video is an 'underground' recording of artist, social activist Ai Weiwei speaking about the need, the right, the imperative of each and everyone of us speaking out, speaking up, taking action -- in his case, against the government of his country, China. He speaks up for the absolute necessity for all of us to not stay silent in the face of those who would deny or take away or corrupt our freedom of speech, our freedom of movement, our freedom of being self-determining human beings. he speaks up for the need to allow democracy, allow transperancy, allow openess in how we govern, build and create buildings, town, cities, countries... the world.

This is a must watch. How one man can be so fearless, so committed to speaking out regardless of the consequences to his life is inspiring and humbling.

Please take the time to click over to Maureen's place and read her blog and watch the video.

Please pray for Ai Weiwei who was "detained" April 3 at Beijing airport en route to Hong Kong, his studio and home subsequently raided. He has not been heard from since.

Please give voice to your prayers and speak out so that everywhere around the world, people are asking the question and demanding the truth -- Where is Ai Weiwei? Set him free.
Thank you.


Maureen said...

Thank you, Louise.

If you didn't have time this morning, do watch when you can the trailer to the film I mention and the longer program that aired on PBS. Klayman's made a beautiful film.

Maureen said...

I just added to the post this Twitter-based petition to "Free Ai Weiwei". I signed it.

trisha said...

the condition of human rights is scary in some countries, china is most probably very close to top.

thanks for sharing this person with us.

would you mind if i link your post with this post of mine? i will come and check tomorrow for your consent.

If you permit me i will add it as your contribution to my post.

Louise Gallagher said...

Absolutely Trisha -- we need to get his plight heard and known!

trisha said...

thanks a lot for letting me share your post.

i too believe your words- these persons dedicate their lives for others, so we, the others should not close our eyes.

lots of love.