Monday, June 13, 2011

The Welcome

Warriors come home. Warriors always come home.

I don't know who is saying it. It is a voice offscreen. But it is powerful. As is the post this morning at Maureen's, Writing without Paper.

I am off to a 7am meeting. My post I was going to put up will appear tomorrow as I believe Maureen's post is too important to be missed.

You can read and watch here.

She's posted about The Welcome. A documentary on war vets finding a way home, finding a way to overcome PTSD and, as one man says, 'who I was before I went to Iraq.'

There's also a second video of a former Iraq soldier reading her poem, Girl, though I think the way she says it, it may be, 'gurrrrl'.

Please -- give yourself the gift of time to read and watch these powerful stories.



Maureen said...

Thank you for the lovely shout-out, Louise. The Welcome Home Project is terrific. My wish would be to see it replicated everywhere.


trisha said...

sounds like an interesting thing to read louise.

we never think about soldiers and their experiences about wars. funny!

Anonymous said...

will do...

S. Etole said...

headed that way ...