Friday, July 1, 2011

The Great Hat Paint Off!

Think -- Exciting. Energized. Fun! Creative!

Now, match those words up with Cowboy Hat and you will have an idea of the energy level and the creative sparks that were flying at TMC’s Tip Your Hat Celebrity Hat Painting event on Wednesday, June 29!

From a 3 (almost 4) year-old artist who just happened to drop by with her mother, to Junior Hockey Player Brodie O’Keefe and his team from the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship, Wednesday’s event had a little bit of something for everyone including glitter and glitz. Glue guns and paint brushes were wielded with creative verve as over 15 hats were glammed up with jewels and fabric, feathers and rhinestones, miniature farm animals and a whole lot of laughter.

It was community building around the brim of a hat. It was fantastic!

Big thanks to guest artists, Johan and Tharrie Zietsman, Jean Grand Maitre, Colin Menzies, Sharon Watkins, Faith, Reid and Michael Frisby, Myron Krause, Jenne Karpoff, Brodie O’Keefe, Chris Reynolds, Rachel and June Mo, Emily Lis and Liseanne McDonald. Great paintin’. Great creativity. Great spirit of the west!

And thank you DI Singers. You kept the energy high, the music flowing and our spirits bright! And to Nasha Wong and the DI kitchen – your special treats kept our energy fuelled!

And for those who couldn’t be there, y’all got the opportunity to oooh and ahhh over the creative outcomes by comin’ on down to Art Central, beginning July 4 until the Tip Your Hat auction, on Steven Avenue Walk, July 13, High Noon (on the corner by the ATB). Until July 13, the hats will be hanging in Art Central as well as viewable online at the TMC blog -- for now, you can only see last year's but this year's will be up next week!

So, c’mon down and have a gawk and get your greenbacks ready to bid on your favourite hat! ‘Cause pardner, we’ve got a mighty good lookin’ batch of hats on the block this year!

This is My City

Tip Your Hat
A charity hat auction to support
Art initiatives within the homeless sector
Noon to 1pm
Wednesday, July 13
Stephen Avenue Walk (Corner of 2nd Street SW, by the ATB)

This is My City is a not-for-profit organization that uses the arts to create aware-ness about the issues of homelessness and poverty in Calgary. All proceeds from the auction will go towards further artistic programming for those living within these marginalized communities.


Maureen said...

It will be a great success!

Have a wonderful weekend.

trisha said...

a cute creation by a cute artist :)