Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is amazing!

From wonder into wonder existence opens. Lao Tzu
It is so easy in our busy lives to miss the little moments of wonder all around. It is so easy to get caught up in the fumes of snarled traffic grinding through road construction. To grit our teeth and close our eyes as we inch our way down the long slow line snaking towards our destination. And in our quest to reach where ever we're going, in our mission to get done what ever we're doing, we forget to look up and see the beauty all around. We forget to let go of life's biting inequities and take a bite out of life's joy.

Yesterday, as i drove to work, I was cruising down the freeway when I noticed a couple waiting at a bus stop. She was dressed in bright pink flounced skirt with a lacy white crinoline peeking out from beneath its scalloped hem. She wore a matching bright pink and white cowgirl shirt. Her white hair was tucked under the brim of a clean white cowboy hat. Her partner was all duded up in black. Pants, a black and white cowboy shirt with pink and silver trim and his black cowboy hat sported a feather sticking out along the brim. I smiled as I drove past. Stampede starts this week. They're getting into the swing of it early!

Later, at the shelter where I work, I saw an older woman decked out in a red and white checked shirt, blue jean vest embroidered with tiny pink flowers and a blue jean skirt. Like the couple at the bus stop, she too was sporting a cowboy hat on her head. As I looked around the vast expanse of our Day Area, I spotted numerous cowboy hats amidst the 100s of people gathered for lunch.

And then I saw one man dressed in multi-coloured Hawaiian style shirt, bright pink leggings over which he'd donned a pair of multi-coloured surfer shorts.

He made me smile even more.

And the day just kept continuing to unfold in wonder. A dear running through the park, stopping to stare at C.C. and Ellie and me as we walked along the ridge. Lele (my youngest daughter) returning from her trip to Montana, tanned and happy after spending four days on a boat. A conversation with my eldest daughter in Vancouver who raved about the incredible day she'd just had. A call from a radio station to do an interview on our new book, WHERE. A review in the Calgary Herald Sunday that garnered lots of attention -- and promoted lots of book sales. A Bluejay at the bird feeder. A big hare hopping down the lane in front of my car as I drove towards the garage. Was he leading the parade? Was I his lone 'float'? Did he care or was he just leading the parade because he could?

So many things in my day to wonder at, to stand in awe of, to breathe deeply in the beauty and joy of the moment.

So many things to override the daily grind, to underplay the grit of daily living with notes of harmony and joy.

So many moments to exalt in!

So many ways to share in life's wonders. To celebrate everyday people doing extraordinary things.

And on that note, I am sharing two videos. The first piece is a short documentary, Finding Forgiveness, by Journeyman Pictures. It tells the compelling story of a woman who befriends the two young men who tried to kill her when she happened upon them as they attempted to steal her car. They shot her and left her with brain damage but they couldn't take away her compassion and hope and joy. This woman is amazing. Her capacity to forgive, to live life where she's at, not where she wishes she was, is awe-inspiring.

The second piece is a flash mob dance organized by an amazing everyday woman named Kim MacGregor. Kim created it as a tribute to her best friend Erika Heller who died of colon cancer last year at age 31. Each and every telephone conversation they ever had, Erika would end by telling Kim "You're an amazing woman!" Well, Kim wanted to do something special to honour her friend and this is the result. It was filmed at the Toronto Eaton Centre after only one 6 hour rehearsal..

Kim's dream is to have it viewed by 1million people on Youtube -- I want to do my part of helping her make this happen. Please take a few moments and be a part of this amazing woman's dream!

Click on the links and get inspired and awed and get into the wonder of everyday!

Namaste. May you enjoy a day of wonder!


trisha said...

hope every year gets better for you all.

Maureen said...

The documentary with Jackie should be seen by anyone who's ever thought to hold a grudge for any reason. What an extraordinary act of forgiveness.

S. Etole said...

The wonder never ceases when we take the time to see ...