Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Naked in the flame (a poem)

Naked Flame.

I sleep
walk straight
into memory
of you curved along a crescent moon
dripping magic
stars falling in the night
behind closed doors
opening wide corridors
of delight stretched
along skin moist
against your touch
into the night

I breathe
breath trapped
raw edges
sliding against
bare skin
peeled back
along skeletal details
of your passion
burning bright
along the moon’s path
through the night

I quiver
back arched
upon cupids bow
pulled tight
by your fingers
moon beams
upon my skin
stripped bare
in the fire
your touch
burning hot
against my skin
in the night

I sleep
in the flame.

There's a new place in cyber-town, a neighbourhood pub where poet's and artists and visitor's are invited to come and join in conversation, poetry and good times. dVerse Poets Pub is celebrating its opening tonight by inviting those who will participate to contribute a poem in tonight's Open Link celebration.

The above poem created itself -- it just appeared out of the cosmos, bled through my fingertips onto the page.

There's a whole bunch of amazing words by incredible poets waiting to be read over at dVerse Poets Pub. Click on over and feast your creative spirit. You'll be glad you did!


Diane Walker said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely; so bold and sensuous...

Brian Miller said...

whew...smoking! smiles...great imagery mixed with sensual tone...loved it louis...and your pin line...sleep walking naked into the fire...nice...

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Diane! It's definitely a counterpoint to my work-a-day writing of life's not so sensual moments involving homelessness!

I'm stretching! :)

Louise Gallagher said...

thanks Brian -- it was fun to write -- and great to be able to offer it up at the Pub tonight.

Congratulations on a grand opening!

Patricia said...

Like Gay's poem about red shoes... you also wrote what every woman knows or wishes for... dreaming or not. Wow Louise... brave and bold!

Reflections said...

A sizzling piece... can so feel the heat of this one. Beautifully shared.

Vivek said...

Hi ,

Lovely ! ..very well composed ..Likes the way you ..created the scene which comes in front of eyes.

dVerse poets Pub , is a nice initiative .Will be joining shortly .

Take care
And have a great week :)
Ks :)

James Rainsford said...

Not a wasted, or undeserving word here Louise. I love the intense economy of your writing and the intriguing imagery. Thanks for sharing this. James.

Anonymous said...

you had me at 'I sleep'

dressing for salad-daze ... hidden valley raunch

loved it

or, as we often say:

'get a room!'



Anonymous said...

I quiver
back arched
upon cupids bow
pulled tight
by your fingers

Great image!


Claudia said...

woohoo - this is magical...and hot...!!
and love that you call dVerse a neighbourhood pub..that's just the right word...around the corner with a handshake and ready to talk poetry...

Maureen said...

Late making the rounds and this one woke us all up.

Some lovely imagery, such as "you curved along a crescent moon".

The enjambment and lack of punctuation open up the interpretation too.

Jo Bryant said...

Wow - such a sensual poem - brilliant imagery.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the moon was shining!

Joseph Hesch said...

Each word, each line, each image, dropped into the next along the narrow spine of this piece. and, like a finger drawn down along that spine, it tickled me, but also gave me a shiver along the way. I felt goood. Thank you, Louise.