Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being and becoming

Sailboats flirted with the air and water as Ellie and I walked along the ridge delighting in the beauty of their white sails slipping like ghostly dancers across the horizon. Dandelion puffs shimmered in the evening light. Sunspots tumbled on the air. Night lurked on the far eastern horizon, not yet seen it lay in waiting, arms widening its embrace into the light at end of day.
People passed and smiled and kept moving. And inevitably someone would stop and say, "What a happy dog," and Ellie would accept that as their invitation to bounce on over, her body wriggling with delight under their touch. She's a leaner. Her body crowding up against human legs, pushing into their hands. She tends to make a real spectacle of herself, moaning and groaning as if to say, "Thank you. Thank you. No one in my house ever pays attention to me. Please. Pet me more."Con artist. I don't see her begging to go home with every passer by. Nope. She's an attention craving junkie, and she knows where she gets the most attention. And food.

This morning, thinking about those sailboats, the beauty of the evening, the lightness of the air, the following flit into my mind, poured out through my fingertips and onto the screen.

Lightness of being permeates my skin, wrapping me up in the deliciously delectable delight of being me in this moment -- Life is delicious!

Being and Becoming
I was
who I am
when I was
who I am
where ever I am
being me

and still I wonder
where I am
when I am busy
who I want to be
in my new age
of becoming all
I'm meant to be.

Will I be
who I am
if I become
who I want
to be
or not
who I am
who I am
meant to be
if I am

Being and becoming
my being
right now.


Anonymous said...


good piece

reminds me of that old Doris Day song, Que Sera Sera


Maureen said...

Your poem is fun to read. I'd love to hear it aloud.

You are
and every day
you become

Claudia said...

ha - i love this...and being and becoming can indeed be confusing at times...and so adventurous...smiles

Anonymous said...

Wish I could do that with words...LOVED it! Love you, BA

S. Etole said...

Such delight in this post!

Anonymous said...

Ever Jean-Paul Sartre?....your halfway there!

Joyce Wycoff said...

Love the words ... and the images. What fun to see your place in the world.

Divya said...

good piece .. makes me ask myself a lot of questions .. enjoyed reading .

Fi said...

Loved the poem - it made such sense. I can just picture your dog and her joy