Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (a video)

There are some things I wish I didn't know or see, and yet, am grateful for the knowing and seeing.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan is one such documentary.

There is a part of me, the part that would like to keep her head stuck in the sand, to ignore what goes on in our world to harm children and other innocents, that wishes I hadn't watched it. I am grateful I did watch it, for in the watching I am awakened to another truth I never knew -- and inspired by the courage of one man to bring this travesty of the human condition to the attention of the world.

It is a disturbing video yet, in its viewing, we honour the work and efforts of award-winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi and his producer, Jamie Duran bringing this into the open. I am in awe of his courage and spirit and am committed to support his efforts by supporting efforts to stop this practice.

It should also be noted, the practice of Bacha Bazi is not condoned under Islamic law, was outlawed by the Taliban in Afghanistan and is illegal under Afghani law. It is about power and control, exploitation and a subversion of moral law. It is a practice that some think has its roots with the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Whatever its roots, it must be ripped out of the fabric of our world so that young boys in Afghanistan, and everywhere else in the world where children are exploited, can be freed.

To watch, The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, click HERE


Maureen said...

Unfortunately, this is a practice not limited to Afghanistan. It's horrific. Sadly, the exploitation of children and women continues well into this 21st C.

S. Etole said...

Sad to hear and see ...