Thursday, September 1, 2011

Falling Up

Does anyone else have this problem? I get a message saying... your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. You may experience problems. Some features may not work. Try Google Chrome.

I download Google Chrome.

I upgrade my IE.I even change the design of my blog to add spice and sizzle (and to appease the blogging gods in case they were bored with the old look).

I log in this morning. Bah! Humbug! The message still appears at the top of my NEW POST page AND my new post page is all messed up! The window to type in is smaller. Only the top half of the 'features' banner is visible and I don't have an HTML button any longer (at least not one that I can see).

Harumph. Time to get a real techie to take a look.

In the meantime, I'll keep on writin' and readin' and doin' the rithmitic'. Blogger is not adding up to a whole bunch of ease of blogging.

Regardless, as I drifted off to sleep last night, a poem started to write itself in my head. I debated turning on the light and writing it down and opted instead to let sleep coddle it.

In the morning, there it was, still waiting. Still prickling my creative juices. Still looking for expression.

I meditate.

I make coffee.

Let the cat out.

Turn on my laptop.

Still it's there.

I consider ignoring it -- but as I said to my eldest daughter last night, it's not good to ignore gifts from the Universe.

And a poem is a certifiable gift from the Universe.

I start writing and the muse awakens and begins to flow.


I catch myself
standing up
to my defenses
beating me

Standing up
I find myself
holding on
to my fears

standing up
I catch
my ego
my fear
of falling

Now, yesterday, Mark from Mark is Musing, commented that I was deflecting. I pondered that comment. Wondered, seriously? Am I?

I also had some of that, harumph. Who is he to tell me who I am or what I am! attitude going on -- but that's just my thirteen year old not wanting to listen to someone telling me the obvious.

And in truth -- Mark may or may not be right. Maybe I am deflecting from what is going on in my belly by writing universally of what is going on in my belly.

There's a gift in that -- just as there's a gift in Mark's comments. (I'm not trying to pick on you Mark my friend. I appreciate your voice and it's ability to awaken my internal knowing.)

Because in Mark's words was the gift of 'seeing' that what I write comes from within me. It is inspired by 'the flow', that collective consciousness that rises up and awakens me to my truth, my knowing, my being.

I sometimes call her 'the muse' -- mostly when poetry is involved because in poetry, the flow is so apparent, so evident I cannot lay claim to her creative process.

Every morning, writing this blog, I trust, 'the flow' to appear. I trust the process to unveil itself. To flow through my body, into my arms, through my fingertips and out onto the screen, where (blogger willing and Shaw Internet cooperating) the words will appear on your screen too!

And every morning it happens. The muse awakens. The flow begins. And voila! A blog appears.

I don't start with an idea for 'here's the lesson I'll teach today'. I don't start with a concept to flesh out. I start with a feeling. And let the feelings flow. Sometimes, I don't know what lays beneath the messages. Sometimes, I don't have a clear picture of what the 'inner' meaning or workings of what I'm writing is. And always, it will resonate with each of us differently.

For me, the process is in the writing. The knowing is too.

Which is why comments are so appreciated. Even when I don't respond.

(I should make this blog a posthumous submission to Duane Scott's Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday's that has now moved to Fridays -- but this is Thursday so I am pleasantly out of synch.)

And then, after writing that, it becomes a little bit clearer. I am so in awe of Ruth at Synch-ro-ni-zing who responds to every single comment she receives.

Seriously. How does she do that?

I too want to respond, but 'the critic' in me whispers his vile commentary -- you are sooooo phony when you do that Louise. You don't have time, Louise. Seriously? What would you say. -- that one always gets me. LOL -- I write a blog every morning. I comment on other bloggers blogs every day. I don't have anything to say? -- yeah. Like really... :) I have lots to say and share and learn and grow from what I read and write.

And in that knowing I see the Victim's Voice disguising herself as Victor. She was lurking, the sneaky little devil, between the commas and the periods. Between the 'hey, I'm doing my best' and 'it's my blog I'll write it how I please' assertions.

Gotta love the Victim's Voice. She's got a lot to teach me!

I breathe and move with ease and grace into gratitude.

It is truly a Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday masquarading as nothing other than, my beautiful morning. My best day yet. My one and only life lived in the rapture and wonder of now.

Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...


thanks for the mention + link

it's a beautiful day ....



Winslow said...

Lovely site - I do think it's important to respond to comments (you too, Mark!) If you were talking to someone in a room and they said something to you, and you just nodded and walked away, they wouldn't feel inclined to connect with you again. And that's what this is all about: connecting (in a good way!) :-) Also, as my author friend John Locke says, it's good manners!

Louise Gallagher said...

Mark -- it is a beautiful day and you are so welcome.

Louise Gallagher said...

Winslow -- Thank you!!!!

You have just triggered my realization of 'good manners' and yes, it is good manners and all my excuses in the world never ever excuse bad manners.

thank you. thank you thank you!

and thank you for comments. Lovely to meet you!

Anonymous said...

i don't usually make it back to a comment page after i have left a comment, unless the reply comes through my email.

i'm doing good just to leave a comment in the first place.

i sometimes reply to comments on my comment page, but, if i really want someone to get my reply to their comment, i will either send an email to them (if i have their address) or... i visit their place and leave a message somewhere. blogger blog does not have the fancy reply space that automatically goes to an email.

so...mainly, i don't reply... i just comment, comment and comment again!

i like seeing a change in the background...a surprise for my eyes!

Claudia said...

i'm glad you didn't ignore the poem...i like it a lot and it comes from the heart..this is where good poetry is born..

Fi said...

You are my most regular commenter and everythime I read a comment from you I have a reply for you, or a question, or something to say.

I seriously don't have the time to reply to comments sometimes and while deep down I know I should as manners dictate, I don't. I'm also wondering does anyone go back to read replies.

I like to comment on other's blogs (as often as I humanly can) in reply.

Not so sure I agree about the deflecting comment but love that opinions and interprations can roam free in the blogosphere.

I really like the new look.

Louise Gallagher said...

Actually Nance -- I too try to visit someone's site if they leave a comment -- and I've never met them in particular -- so that I can leave a comment on their site.

I am still, however, in awe of Ruth and her ability to comment, from the heart, on every reader's comment.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you Claudia -- I love that idea, that good poetry is born from the heart.


Louise Gallagher said...

Hi Fi -- recently, meeting with a social media expert, he said, blogging, FB, Twitter -- it's all about the conversation -- it is the conversation that builds relationships. And, I think, what Winslow is saying is that we need to pay attention to relationships -- and that is so true!

I love that you drop in and leave comments. I consciously choose to leave comments on yours because it does, truly, make me feel connected to you. And, again, there's that relationship thingie again. It's all about our conversation :)!

Joyce Wycoff said...

What fun your new look is.

S. Etole said...

Just like falling in a jar of orange marmalade! Always good stuff to be found here!

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you Joyce! It must be the joy in your name that recognizes the fun! :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Susan! What a lovely thought -- a jar of orange marmalade. Don't you just love that smell!

sharmishtha said...

both the poems are fantastic. your blog looks alright now. guess you sorted the problem.

i dont use blogspot anymore so.....

lots of love.