Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Back! (a poem)

Get Back
Cast in stone
your words
build walls so high

I huddle in the shadows
of the weighty matters
of your opinions

my back
every day workin'
workin' for the man
beneath the heaviness
of your glare

weighing me down
in this place
where you give advice
I cannot fathom

where you’re comin’ from
as I lose all sense of direction
and struggle to rise

above the weight
of your voice
telling me to
get up
get down
get over
whatever I have been
using to keep me from falling
where I split
a part
the futility of trying to get back
up holds me down and I cry

there ain’t no gettin’ up
from being down
so long
I can’t see beyond
the wall of sorrow
pinning me here
to this belief

there’s no up
side looking down on me

you remind me
of my limitations
holding me here
on this side of the street
where I will die
if I don’t get myself

I laugh
crooked teeth
with nicotine and neglect
I cough
and flem spills out
and you step

back to your side of the street
where I don’t scare you

as much
I know

I know
I scare you
but you don’t see me

hiding here
behind the wall of your opinions

holding me down
I gasp for air
but you don’t see me

hiding out in your opinions
building walls
cast in stone.

Get Back (A Poem) Audio Recording on Thursday night by Louiseg88


Kathleen Overby said...

This is most empathetic and compassionate.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Kathleen.

I had no intention of writing a poem when I wrote it. It started with the words of a song I'd heard on the radio yesterday morning -- Cast in stone.

they stayed with me all day and then....


Joyce Wycoff said...

Oh, how I love this ... not only your words but hearing your voice! Way cool.

Claudia said...

there ain’t no gettin’ up
from being down
so long
I can’t see beyond
the wall of sorrow
pinning me here
to this belief... we sometimes have no idea how high the walls are and make them even your compassionate voice here louise

Maureen said...

As I was reading this, I was thinking, she should record this one. And then I find you did!

I see this as the self's two-sided conversation. Nice sense of tension, the going toward and the pulling against.

sharmishtha said...

amazing poem louise. i know that it is very real for you, its the sad reality of so many of us. being played with like puppets by people we love.

glad that you left that bleak torment far behind.

love and hugs.

S. Etole said...

your voice depicts the reality of your words ...

Anonymous said...

wow! good one.

are you on facebook?

i'm gonna post the link on our voices and friends group on facebook?

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

And Nance -- I am on facebook -- Louise Gallagher

Anonymous said...

I can truly relate to every word...