Saturday, October 29, 2011

I want to live in wonder (a poem)

I want to live in wonder
to see the world as a new born
baby fresh from the birth canal
slippery wet and squirming
with delight
falling into the arms of love
holding me safely
wrapped in swaddling cloth
sewn with velvety silken
streams of laughter and joy
filling my every breath

I want to be in awe
of life unfolding
right here, right now
in this moment
giving birth to possibilities
to the sights and sounds and beauty
of the world
pounding through my veins
pumping my heart
full of the mystery of this morning
reincarnating itself
from the dark
of night passing through
star lit skies
and moonbeams streaming
into day
bursting at the seams
of my anticipation of the wonder
of what this moment will bring when
I open my eyes, wide
and my arms even wider
to that place where my heart
wide open
to catch rain drops
falling stars and tears
that no amount of tissue can dry
I don't want to say
wipe those tears
I want to say cry,
cry for me Argentina
because no amount of tears will ever wash away
the wonder that I feel
when I live beyond the limitations
of my fear

Fear is the opportunity to be courageous
and I want my courage to drive me
away from that place where I believe fear
keeps me safe
from feeling the pains and sorrows
and slings and arrows of fate
there is no arrow that can pierce my heart
when my heart is open
there is no riptide that can pull me under
when my arms are strong
strong enough to hold on
to love because I know
There is nothing to fear
but fear itself 
And I am born to be
wild and beautiful and free.
Free to cry and laugh and say
I love you because
I do
and nothing will make love stop
nothing can.
I am fearless, fierce and free
and life cannot get the better of me
when I live in the wonder
of being me.

Audio Recording on Saturday afternoon by Louiseg88


Claudia said...

oh yes we are..born to be wild and beautiful and free...

Anonymous said...


I sense, from this piece and recent ones, that you are struggling with something deep - and forcing the brave face, the positive reinforcement on the surface to deflect what you are NOT talking about out loud, what you are NOT writing about.

What is it?

Your projection appears obvious to me - maybe because I do it too.

Hope you are well . . .

Call if I can help in any way.



Anonymous said...

wow! you got through the whole thing with no mistakes!

you put in some playful curves and twists.

isn't amazing to think how we are each a single issue?

Jennifer Richardson said...

over and over and over again
I'll read
and listen
because you've painted
my heartcry
and I'm grateful
to the core of me
....jumping up and down
and clapping out loud
and cheering for you
(such a wordsmith)
and the heart that has broken free
from the dark chains of your past
and is blooming wildly
in this beautiful place
that you've become.
You are pure treasure:)
Grinning and grateful,

Diane Walker said...

Love reading it, love hearing it, love you!

morning said...

charming sentiment, well done.

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, Louise. This is wonderful! I want to live in this wonder and awe, fear-free.

And this...these words: "there is no arrow that can pierce my heart when my heart is open..." May I linger here a while?