Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In waiting (A poem)

It was
a season of sorrow

a time for regret
for sadness
for grief to descend
and wrap her in
a blanket of gloom
not even winter's chill
could remove.

There was
no sense of spring
laying in wait

no burnt autumn colour
calling to her senses

no belief
tomorrow would soon rise

there was only this

this sadness that wept
on a pillow of thorns
piercing her skin
blood dripping red
onto the fire of grief

this too shall pass
they said
this season of sorrow will flow
into a spring
of new birth blossoming

she did not believe them
and she lay

in waiting
for the darkness

to come
and take her

home to her beloved.

In Waiting (2) by Louiseg88

It is another Blog Carnival Tuesday. Inspired by my friends, Maureen and Glynn, (and Nance Marie at A Little Something who keeps inviting people to share their poetry in sound) I not only wrote a poem for today's Carnival over at Peter Pollock's, I recorded it too!

Join in the fun and excitement at Peter's place. Today's One Word Prompt is SEASON.

Click on the link. Get reading. Get inspired. Get sharing!


S. Etole said...

What a treat to hear your voice given expression to your words.

Kelly Sauer said...

I was so scared you were going to tack on "good hope" - and you didn't. It wasn't until the very last line that the reader realizes that what she was waiting for was in another world, the one that didn't have the pain or the darkness or the waiting...


Maureen said...

Your poem reflects the duality of the season - the ending that will also be a beginning; also the sorrow that seems unrelieved until the time of waiting is over.

So pleased you tried Soundcloud.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Susan. I'm not sure which is scarier -- sharing my poetry or sharing my voice sharing my poetry :) I so appreciate your kind words.

Louise Gallagher said...

In my head Maureen, it was a much more technical and convoluted process to add a recording!

Thanks for inspiring me as you always do!

katdish said...

We've all been there. Some are there now, unable to believe that the season will change. Beautiful, Louise.

sharmishtha said...

soul touching poem louise. i so pray that her season of sorrow was over.

Claudia said...

somehow i got problems with this player...natasha has put up the same and i couldn't listen - will be back to try later...very heartfelt poem louise..still would love to hear your voice..

Anonymous said...

you recorded it! well, i'm gonna have to go to my blog and check it out! woohoooo!

Anonymous said...

i don't see it.
not here
not there
not anywhere...

i like the poem
but, i can't see the sound cloud.

i thought perhaps you left linked-up the link for your cloud at sound cloud. but, no.

no link at my blog...

Anonymous said...

i clicked on the post title and it showed-up.

okay, i am gonna listen now...

Anonymous said...

there is a sound cloud with no squiggles in the middle.
there is nothing to play.

i think i need a bowl of cereal.

Louise Gallagher said...

Hmmmm..... so this morning when I posted -- everything worked.

And now....

Soundcloud is gone!

Back to the drawing board.

maybe not as easy as I thought!

Diane Walker said...

Oh, no, I so wanted to hear you read! But the sound thingy doesn't seem to play on my mac. Sigh. Love your poem, though; you have such a gift...

Louise Gallagher said...

Sooooo..... I think it's a SoundCloud issue! Not me! :)

I can't get soundcloud to load on my computer -- which suggests the site might be having troubles? Everything else loads quite well!

I'll try again!

Anonymous said...

i had problems with sound cloud last week.
i am so glad that you took the step to do it.

Louise Gallagher said...

And..... now it's working! go figure!

Ruth said...

It's great to hear your voice, Louise. I truly feel that poetry should be heard. And I learn so much about you, such precision and loveliness. I'm glad the soundcloud works so I could hear you.

I use GarageBand on my macbook pro for recording my poems, and it's great. So if anyone has a mac, that is a built-in option too. But it does publish to a new web site, where podcasts line up, which is kind of nice. I haven't tried soundcloud.