Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joyce Wycoff and a nit on an elephant

My friend Joyce, over at Peaceful Legacies, has created a wonderful program to support the arts in schools. And she needs our support and help.

Here's what she wrote to describe her program:

Even though a multitude of studies have shown that art education teaches students to think more powerfully and actually increases motivation and reduces the dropout rate, art education is disappearing from our schools.  And, budgets for art supplies are almost non-existent.

Joyce Wycoff at Peaceful Legacies has launched a contest to award $100 to a school for art supplies ... what she calls a "nit on an elephant" approach.  It's a fun contest that invites students to write a 37-word story based on an image she provides.

Please pass this along to any teachers or students you may know ... she has already received a matching grant from an Art Patron so at least two schools will benefit from this contest.  She's trying to interest art supply companies in playing also so the more this gets passed around, the more likely it will be that other schools will benefit.

Details about the contest at:  http://joycewycoff.blogspot.com/2011/10/contest-100-for-school-art-supplies.html

Please, help Joyce spread creativity far and wide. let everyone you know who is a student, has a student in their home, or knows a student, or knows someone who knows a student (and who doesn't know someone like that?) about this wonderful opportunity.

You'll be glad you did!  I promise :)


Claudia said...

wow - what an awesome idea...we need people like her in germany as well..there's not much art on our schools

Joyce Wycoff said...

Thanks Louise ... you are such a generous blogger and friend!

And, Claudia ... feel free to steal this idea. I have been amazed at how much even small amounts of money for art supplies are appreciated by teachers.

Fi said...

What a super idea - I mirror what Claudia says - we need this in Australia.

Art is considered a somewhat frivolous subject and I don't think it's taken seriously