Monday, November 21, 2011

Red and Blue Polka Dots (a poem)

This morning, over at Maureen Doallas', Writing Without Paper, she shares the poetry and voice of Texas Poet Laureate, David M. Parsons.  One of the poems Maureen shares is Parson's, The Color of Mourning. Reading this powerful and heart-breaking poem, I let my muse wander into that place that connects me to the collective flow of creativity all around.

Now, the deal is.... when I lay in bed this morning in that place where being awake stretches back into dreaming trying to hold onto that one thought that shimmered in the pre-dawn light, I saw 'a truth' floating through my mind. It was one of those singular thoughts of such beautiful and exquisite clarity I almost leapt out of bed and started dancing -- but C.C. and Ellie might have jerked awake somewhat consternated! So I lay there and let the thought expand into view with the gentleness of a moonbeam lighting the night casting a warm golden glow on my heart.

And then, I read Maureen's blog and Parsons' poem and that one thought exploded into words and I wrote it out and knew -- I am ok.

Actually, I'm beyond ok, I am filled with wonder! I am a magnificent being of light and love. I am powerful beyond my wildest imaginings.

From a wide-eyed child of five who saw the wonder in everything, to hiding my light beneath the fear that it was all my fault things happened the way they did in the world, to knowing -- it's not about fault or blame or shame, it's always, always about living from the heart, wild and free and loving and caring and being kind. It's always about being my most amazing, incredible, magnificent self creating a world of wonder, seeing the beauty in everything and everyone because I know... no matter what happens in the world, I am safe when I stand, In Love, with me, myself and I and the world around me.  We all are.

I am blessed.

My life is richer than I ever imagined. My world filled with more love and joy than I ever thought possible. But then, love is limitless and joy is all around.

I am blessed.

David M. Parsons' poem, The Color of Mourning can be found online at Ampersand Poetry Journal -- it is  about a yellow dress -- his words inspired me to write about a white with red polka dot dress.

Red and Blue Polka Dots

She wore a white polka-dot dress
the day she began searching for
the reason why
she had to say thank you
no matter what anyone did

The dots were red. Her sister's blue
they always dressed the same

those two, everyone said
they're so different
no matter the shade
of red and blue

her sister wasn't there
that day
she was the older one and no one
thought to make her quit
in her blue polka-dot dress

but she was so little
she cried and said I'm tired
and the party revolved around the room
and she felt hot and sickly

her mother said
go home with your uncle

he is so kind
to leave the party just for you

and don't forget
to say thank you

and she didn't

it would be many years
before she understood
the one

there is no one

she did the things she did
that hurt her

and it would be many years
before she understood
why her mother said
thank you
to the man
who used his hands the way he did.

Listen to a reading: Audio Recording on Monday evening Red and Blue Polka Dots by Louiseg88


Maureen said...

Glad the post inspired you.

The end of your poem is jolting, perhaps because it's so stark in its (ironical) meaning.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Maureen -- I worked on several different last lines -- one's that were more literal, and then, came back to the original because in its irony is the stark truth.


Alyssa Wright said...

great poem, on so many levels

Joyce Wycoff said...

OMG! This is a gut-ripper. I say "thank you" and not because anyone told me so.

S. Etole said...

anticipated that last line but yet, as Maureen said, it jolted ..

Fi said...

Gees and you say my posts make you think.

Kathleen Overby said...

Oy, groaning.