Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One world. One humankind. One word.

The New Year is approaching. Just five sleeps away, it looms upon the horizon of a new year dawning.

What about the last?

At Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner invites everyone to let a word find them and to meditate on that word throughout the year.

Last year, my word was Renewal.  I was intrigued by this word. Intrigued and somewhat flummoxed. What was I to renew? My faith? In God? In humanity? In trusting in the moment?

It was, I realize as this year draws to a close, all of that, and more.

2011 was the year of renewing my belief in Love. In the beauty of One. In the power of humankind. In the fragility and possibility of one moment.

It was the year of coming home to my heart, in finding myself at peace within me, no matter where in the world peace was being challenged, coming apart or falling to pieces.

It was in the pieces I found myself connecting to the One. It was in the pieces I found my belief strengthening.

I believe this is a world of wonder. A world of possibility. A world, broken and abused, by humankind, not some 'other' but we, the human beings who inhabit this planet are creating the havoc we witness in our world.

Sure, there are storms and eruptions of the earth and other natural disasters. But the greatest disaster of all is the harm and pain we cause eachother upon this planet, and the devastation we cause to this giant ball spinning through space. We hurtle through space, orbiting the sun and drawing ever closer to its heat through the tearing away of the protective membranes that keep our world from burning up. And through it all we tell ourselves, 'we are invincible'. We are humankind. We will live forever.

Maybe. But not in this world. No, forever after comes on some distant plane of another's creation.

In this world, we are the destroyers and the builders. We are the war-makers and the peace-keepers. We are the killers and the creators. The haters and the Lovers.

We are the only one's making Love. The only one's making War.

We are one planet. One people. One world.

When will we renew our belief in humankind? When will we step into Love and let go of killing one another?

The New Year is but five sleeps away.

It's never too late to change direction.

Never too late to choose Love, not hatred. Peace, not war. It's never too late to have a change of heart. Never too late to forgive.

As I look back on 2011 I see a year of growth. Of moments of turmoil and many more moments of grace than I can count.

It is in those moments I focus my attention. It is in those moments of grace I am renewed. And as my spirit is renewed, my word for 2012 calls stronger to my heart -- Suppleness.

Yes. to let go of rigid thinking. To let go of judgment and criticism. To be soft and gentle in my approach in the coming year.

What's your word?

AND -- once you've found your word, please share it here, and/or, at Abbey of the Arts.



Maureen said...

I like the word you've chosen, and how you explained how you came to make it your own for 2012.

My choice is "forge", in the sense of making a way forward.

Anonymous said...

for 2012 (but I've started already) ... I'll use 5 words

'you get what you negotiate' to guide me; I called my cellphone company this morning and negotiated a new deal saving $84/mth ... that's $1000 a year or $5000 if this is a 5 yr plan ....

I'll use these 5 words every day, as a reminder to negotiate more, say no more and get others to say yes more ....


S. Etole said...

I'm considering all that you've said and wondering.

Anonymous said...

I have seen heart changes this year, as well as feeling them. Wonderful post, Louise.

Fi said...

Love your word - I need to think on this one, but as a word lover I love the concept and will definitely come up with a word.

Mmmm so many choices

Louise Gallagher said...

Hello dear Maureen.

Good word -- forge. It has a solidness and a sense of tradition to it. Nice!

Louise Gallagher said...

It's your word Mark -- you get to negotiate around it however you choose :)

Happy New Year! Happy New Year Phrase!

Louise Gallagher said...

Always a good thing to consider and wonder Susan. A great state of being!

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you Nance -- to see heart changes is a wonderful gift. How lovely.

Louise Gallagher said...

Hi Fi -- when you come up with your word, you can share it at http://abbeyofthearts.com -- and even win something :) Christine puts everyone's words into a WORDLE that she shares in the New Year.

Megan Willome said...

Looking back, 2011 was "coming home." Here, on the eve of 2012, all feels very different. Ask me in 12 months!

I've enjoyed getting to know you through your comments on my blog!

Jennifer Richardson said...

suppleness....I love it!!!!
Supple. Oh yes, I'd like to have
more of that:)
A bright supple beginning
to beautiful you!
With much love,