Monday, December 5, 2011

Reporting from On the Roof: Day 1 - Night falls

Nigh fall in the city.
Night is settling in and we are bunking down for the night.

The wind continues to blow -- forecast for tomorrow is a Chinook is blowing in with winds of 60 to 100 Km an hour. Could be an interesting day on the roof.

It's been a good day. Lots of giggles and laughter. Christa, Dave and I shared the tent for most of the day with Heather and then Leah joining us for the night after Christa vacated. Dinner of ribs and salad from the DI kitchen was excellent and now, we're in our separate tents, two per tent. The plan had been to have six people on the roof  overnight with four new each night, but, Plan B is two tents, not one large six man tent and so, we've had to juggle.

Night view from the roof
From putting up fencing to ensure no one falls off the roof to putting up the tent in fierce winds, it's been a day of experiments and experiences in 'roughing it'.

It's been a good day.

And it's only 8:22pm and I'm going to tuck in for the night. Got my long johns and my hat on. Sleeping bag awaits. We're not too deprived... we've got electricity which means, we've also got a small space heater. Just enough to take the edge of the chill.

Up here on the roof, life takes on a different rhythm. Technology keeps me connected, but without the constant ringing of phones and interruptions, there's a slowing down, a slower pace to life. Haven't had a lot of time to actually think -- but I have had a lot of time to actually just not do. And that is refreshing.

I've discovered a couple of things... 1. Social media can eat up an entire day!  2. Social media connects people and events, it builds bridges, it creates openings. Social media rocks -- even on a roof! Or perhaps that should be, especially on the roof!

With the media we've received today, and the support of social media folk, we've had significant funds rolling in. We've raised over $15,000 and we're not even halfway through yet!  I am in awe of how people turn up and lend a hand, pitch in, make a difference. Awesome!

Dave and I are sharing a tent. He's already snuggled into his sleeping bag, flashlight, radio and cellphone handy. The radio is two-way -- part of our communications system at the shelter. It's in case of emergency.

Time to call it a night.

Sleep tight. I'll be back in the am with tales of sleeping on high -- or not :).


Anonymous said...

I hope you all get some sleep up there on brick mountain.

Louise Gallagher said...

Brick Mountain. Love it! Thx