Monday, December 5, 2011

Reporting from On the Roof. Off the Street.

So.... breaking news from the roof. Here are some of the photos we've taken thus far.

The plan was to erect a big 16' x 14' foot tent but the winds are tricky today so PLAN B -- small tent we put up the other day is still standing and we're now in it, snug as bugs. We'll be putting up another small tent as we have other people booked to come and join us later in the day.

There's a sign clients have put up on the window of the smoke deck on the second floor -- cheering us on!

A client phoned to offer a bag of bottles as a donation to the cause.

Seriously... how amazing is this?  Dave got a donation online as he was being filmed by CTV. Jorge delivered hot chocolate for my tent mates, Christa and Dave, and a tea for me.

The tent site

Christa getting ready to go inside the tent for the day

Christa Tweeting

Dave on the phone raising donations

Darrin from CTV drops in for a visit

Interview with Dave -- the brains behind On the Roof. Off the Street

Don drops off  a pair of mitts for Louise 
(her's have already mysteriously disappeared into the bowels of the tent! - 
maybe the tent is a clothes dryer in disguise?)

Leah takes time out from her shift in the medical office to say hello
She'll be back at 6 to spend the night.


Maureen said...


Fi said...

Oh my, when you said you would be camping out on the roof I automatically envisaged sunshine and beautiful weather - well it is day 6 of summer in Oz after all. But on the roof with snow? You and your fellow comrades rock, bravo to you all

S. Etole said...

Best wishes as your project gets underway.

Glynn said...

Louise -- there's sunshine and all, but that's snow!

Seriously, hang in there!

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks everyone -- and yes.... that is snow. It dumped on us this past weekend! :)

Still warm and snug...

Anonymous said...

What an awesome way to do a fundraiser. Hope you exceed your goal! I'm cheering you on from the wet and not as cold Ontario.