Sunday, December 11, 2011

Waiting for Christmas: 3rd Sunday of Advent

Ellie waits for Christmas to arrive
(or maybe food)
It is a time of waiting. Of holding the stillness in the quiet of the long dark night of winter, anticipating the promise of what is to be born alive in our hearts.

It is a time of waiting. Snow falls. The world softens. My heart is full.

I have everything I want for Christmas, right here, right now, in my home, in my heart.

Last night we gathered around a laden table, family and friends, Ellie sleeping at our feet below (or maybe she was just trying to mooch food and wasn't really sleeping). Both my daughters were there, one boyfriend, C.C., his two children, his son's girlfriend, my mother, both my sisters (a first in many, many years), my brother-in-law, and dear friends.

Anne with the Christmas Hen
for the Vegetarians
We laughed and ate and sipped wine. We teased eachother. We nudged the person next to us when someone said something particularly outrageous. We giggled when Liseanne and her boyfriend, Ryan's new kitty leapt on Marley the Great Cat sending Marley into a paroxysm of having to get away, fast.

And after dinner, the men retreated to the den to watch the end of the hockey game while the women sat in the 'drawing room' the Christmas tree lights glittering, the candles flickering and love dancing all around.

So this is Christmas.

In my heart.

Full and loving. Content and serene.

So this is Christmas. Love is in the air. Love is all around.

May the spirit of Christmas abound in all our lives.


Anonymous said...

wonderful togetherness

Maureen said...

What a lovely gathering that must have been.

S. Etole said...

Your words convey the love and the calm.

Fi said...

What a fanatstic sounding family gathering.

To me this is the essence of Christmas, love, sharing, togetherness.

No need for super fancy or over the top and exactly as I picture you and your family at Christmas.


Anonymous said...


are you OK?

your absence from the blogosphere is noticed ...


Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Mark! I was enjoying the day with Alexis and never got to my blog :) Oh my! Tee hee! Progress is being made! :)