Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now that wasn't so hard!

So... did you notice? There's a new look and feel to my blog today (yes, I did hear those of you who said the new/old format was tough to read).

What's exciting about this format for me is -- I created it. I took the photo. I created the background and using a blogger template as the foundation, I created the screen format.

I am proud of me!  And, to make it even sweeter, I built the badge at the side bar that will take you to my new blog, A Year of Making a Difference. And, at A Year, I created a badge that will link back here.

Not bad for a day's work.

And what's really cool is, before yesterday, I didn't know how to do that!

Now I do.

I'd always been afraid of attempting it. It seemed so 'difficult'. That's for techies, I told myself before running off to find someone else to do it for me.

Which is the funny thing about avoiding doing something -- I told myself all sorts of stories about why I couldn't do it without ever even attempting to do it. And then, when I did it, I discovered it's not really all that difficult. It just takes time and practice and a whole bunch of patience.

And I wonder where the notion I should know how to do it before I do it comes from. Because seriously, the thought -- it's hard -- must come from a place of believing I know what it takes. And truth is, I don't. Case in point -- I didn't' know what it took to create a new blog look, and I didn't know what it took to create a blog badge -- until I tried to do it. And then, I learned I could do it.

Which makes me wonder -- I wonder how many things there are in this world I don't attempt because I tell myself, before I ever even attempt them, that's too hard. Or, I can't do it. Or, I don't know how.

I wonder how many opportunities to learn something new I've turned down because I've judged my capacity to learn before I even attempt to learn it.

I'm betting.... many.

Note to self. Stay open to next experiences. Stay open to trying things I've never tried before. Just because my head tells me I can't do it, or it's too hard, doesn't make it true.

Truth is, I have an infinite capacity to learn new things. We all do.


Anonymous said...


fear is a time-thief disguised as procrastination and avoidance

you have, once again, demonstrated the stepping into fear is really stepping through it to and enhanced feeling of fear-free freedom

a small step, but a great example to many



p.s.... yes, nice changes ... much easier to read

Josie Two Shoes said...

This is pretty, you did a great job! What you say is true, it is sad that we have so little faith in our own ability to succeed, and obviously we harbor the belief that failed attempts are fatal rather than learning experiences. Another factor for me is always having the time required to learn it, or making the time. It is often easier to say it will be too hard or take too long, thus robbing myself of sweet feelings of success. I need to learn to believe in myself more, and in the amazing abilities that I have as a human being. Thank you for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for the reminder Louise! In the past year I have astounded myself by doing things I never knew I could :) Good for you :)


Anonymous said...

Overcoming fear = success in everything; good reminder to all. Your new background is much better and easier to read. Happy 2012!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

You're an inspiration, Louise!

Glynn said...

I like it!

S. Etole said...

Good job! And a great reminder to push through the fear.

Maureen said...

Thank you for making the badges, which can be my reminder to click over. I'm maxed out on my blog roll and Blogger won't allow me to add any more.

I like the new look. All the more because you created it yourself.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Mark! and see... I do listen :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Josie -- It really was fun to do in the end!

Louise Gallagher said...

Di!!!! HOw wonderful to see you. Hope you're well -- and yes, you have done some amazing things -- good on you! :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you Valerie -- so are you!

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks anonymous -- I'm glad it works!

Louise Gallagher said...

Can't wait to see what changes you have in store Glynn!

Louise Gallagher said...

Yes Susan -- I must always remind myself -- it's only fear and fear is the opportunity to be courageous!

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you for the push to make them Maureen -- it helped knowing that doing it would be of advantage to you and others! :) Hugs

CZBZ said...

It looks fantastic, Louise! Love the sunflower background!

Tell me though, why the switch to wordpress for your new site, instead of staying with blogger? (asks the woman too many blogs on blogger).


Anonymous said...

it's looking good, woman!

Louise Gallagher said...

thanks CZ my friend.

And as to Wordpress -- it was recommended by a techie friend as easier to work with -- and I think they're right. Also, on wordpress, I also own, so I don't have to give the whole address -- it automatically loads to my blog -- and I'm sure, somehow, that makes a difference :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Why Thank you Ms Nance! :)

Claudia said...

Stay open to next experiences.. sound like a good motto for life...and the blog looks great - will check out the new in the evening..

sharmishtha said...

it truly looks amazing and elegant. your earlier blog was quite easy to read, this one is crisp and clear for sure.

you have given it a very beautiful, artistic look.

lots of love.

Fi said...

Aren't you a clever, clever person. I'm still enjoying my week on the road, so I'm reading yor posts via my phone. It's early morning and half of us are still in the land of nod. We are going home tomorrow or Monday so I look forward to checking everything out on the 'big screen' I have my laptop with me but decided family time was more important. First few days were 'interesting' but last few days have been awesome. I do miss blogging though. 'See ya' when I get back, Cheers, Fi

Jennifer Richardson said...

Wow!!! You said a lifetime
in just a few words, friend!!!
I'm undone.
And grateful. Yes, yes indeed.
And will be coming back
to drink from this bend in the stream
again a time or two!
Thanks for this MUCH needed