Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday thoughts to ponder

Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of EnlightenNext and its award-winning publicationEnlightenNext magazine. 

He writes a blog and on Jan 3 wrote a blog titled, In All Your Imperfection. I found it enlightening and thought-provoking.

Have a blessed Sunday!  

In All Your Imperfection

It's important to remember that your ego—your separate personal self-sense and all its culturally conditioned tendencies—is just not awake to the urgent need for your participation in the evolutionary process. That's why your ego is convinced that it has all the time in the world to be eternally busy with its own self-improvement. It says, "Well, I'm not ready because I'm not perfect yet." But that's just the ego's perennial excuse to avoid the overwhelming urgency of the evolutionary context of being alive. Did you ever meet anybody who was actually perfect? I don't think perfection exists within manifestation. If you want to experience perfection—inherent perfection; unborn, uncreated perfection—meditate.As you gain the capacity to transcend a conditioned relationship to thought, memory, and time, you will eventually awaken to the timeless, formless, infinite ground of your own being and you'll experience that which is perfect. But when we reenter the manifest realm of time, space, and form, we leave perfection behind, in order to create ourselves anew through the evolutionary process. And perfection will never be reached here.

So when the ego tells you that because you are not perfect, you are not ready yet, it traps you in a spiritually and evolutionarily self-defeating cycle. A big part of awakening to spiritual maturity is realizing that, even in all your imperfection, you are ready to take responsibility. While you realize that perfection is unattainable, you aspire for it, always reaching higher and further. You are ready to be responsible for creating the future, right now, even though your ego may kick and scream all the way. And your liberation, your enlightenment, in every moment, depends upon that. It's not easy. You have to be a warrior, you have to be an exemplar, even though you know that you're not perfect. So you have to deal with the reality of your human frailty, with the inherent contradictions in your character, and still be bold and brave enough to be willing to take responsibility for all of this. If you do, then the power of spirit will enter into your heart, your body, and your mind and you will begin to express That, in spite of all your imperfection. And then you, as a human being, don't have to be perfect, because Spirit already is.
—Andrew Cohen


Jennifer Richardson said...

such a sweet, sweet grace
in this.
deep grateful breath:)
thanks for the lifegiving ponder,

sharmishtha said...

very wise words louise. we are imperfect, it should not block our path to any thing.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Giving up the illusion of the possibility of perfection is easy to talk about, very hard to do.

If it's ok for me to be imperfect, it has to be ok for you to be imperfect and, if we're both imperfect, there's nothing for my ego to hang onto, to feel special about.

Ohhhh ... I feel resistance rising!