Friday, March 23, 2012

Turning up in the real world of writing

My internet was down this morning. took until now to get it back up and running, and in the interim, I had a meeting with a new client, took Ellie, the wonder pooch, for a walk and got some other chores done.

So... the question becomes, 'What does being online keep me from experiencing in the real world?'

It is a question I wrestle with some days as I find myself glued to my keyboard, writing, answering emails, commenting on blogs -- which is something I've really cut back on in the past two weeks as I've been so immersed in writing on my new book, participating in an online retreat and creating the workbook for an online course I'm creating -- Writing Your Heart Out.

Where do my virtual experiences supersede or impede my real world experiences -- and should I be concerned?

Which is a funny thing to think about this morning when I logged into this account to discover I hadn't posted a blog yesterday.

Seriously? I was positive I had!

Hmmm..... is it meno-pauses snapping, or is it simply that in all the virtual and non-virtual world writing I've been doing, I'm becoming a tad forgetful of keeping up with posting here?

And.... can I just give myself a break and be okay with having missed yesterday.

The answer is....

drum roll please.....


It is okay to miss a day here. Not because I don't care, but rather because in living my life, in focusing on my writing, on being committed to do the things I need to do to have what I want more of in my life, I need to let go of the imperative I've given myself to turn up here every Sunday to Friday, six days a week.

Lisa Rosenberg inspired me yesterday to really look at how rigid my thinking has become on 'being here' everyday. In her blog, License to Write Outside Yourself, Lisa writes about her commitment to get the first draft of her YA novel (Young Adult) completed by June 15th. To meet her target date, she writes, she needs to change how often she appears on her blog.

Great wisdom in Lisa's post (great writing too!).

I'm inspired. To give myself a deadline too for my the completion of the proposal for my new book, and the course I'm working on creating. For the course, I'm committed to having the first draft of the workbook completed by May 1, 2012 and for my book, Lessons In Love; Everything I know about being human I learned at a homeless shelter, I am committed to having the book proposal done by June 15, 2012.

There. It's done. A public commitment to my target dates.

So... if I'm not here everyday, know, I'm busy getting real in the real world of creating more of what I want in my life!



Maureen said...

I think it's great you are allowing yourself the option of not posting. Your life is full and rich and meant to be lived as you want to live it.

Very excited for you about your proposed book and online course.

S. Etole said...

Blessings as you concentrate on your writing. Take time to breathe the spring!

Anonymous said...

i would say that being online keeps us from other experiences, for sure. i am thinking that once a week for a post is a good way to go.

in my experience, i see the most interaction on tuesdays, then mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and then it slacks of on fridays, saturdays and sundays.

personally i chose to do less post reading a few weeks ago, and i have been working on that.

there are always constant adjustments to be made in anyone's ever changing life. and the computer has a way of eating up a lot of time.

i totally understand the idea of wanting to find the best way to use of all the new tools. i like it to remain a tool, and not become a addiction.

nothing is good when done too much. it loses it's good effect. take wine for instance. less than a glass, does not help the heart, one glass a day with food helps the heart, more than a glass a day, starts to harm the body.

everything has it's time, amounts, and reasons as to weather it is helpful or not.

and to top it all off, it is not good to even think about anything too much.

also to talk about anything to much...and so , i am done.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm so glad you're writing
...releasing your wisdom
and words
out into the universe
over and over again!
Your book meant so much to me
and I love when I come here
and get to wallow:)
And that you still get to
take your daily treks
with Ellie
makes me unreasonably happy:):):)

Lisa W. Rosenberg said...

Thank you so much for this lovely mention Louise. I did not even know about this blog! I am impressed that you manage to keep up with two. You should give yourself credit for that alone--and other writing, and work! And Ellie! It's great to see a photo of Ellie by the way. Such a beautiful dog!

Nikky44 said...

The only moments I feel real, or I want to be real, are the ones I spend online on Facebook or with the Blog Community. I'm so happy I found you.

sharmishtha said...

I am so addicted to computer that i sometimes fear that soon it will become an obsession.

it does snatches away real life from us.

have to control :)