Saturday, April 28, 2007

May the circle remain unbroken

This is a busy and wonderful weekend. I am coaching at Choices and have a fellow coach staying with me. Last night, we sat and chatted with A., my eldest daughter, until 2 am. The conversation roamed through feelings, personal stories, fears and joys. It was awesome.

What was most inspiring about the convesation was my daughters presence. At 21 she is grounded in her own truth. Self-aware, disciplined, courageous and loving.

As I listened and watched her interact with my friend, I was struck with the awe of having participated in the miracle of her birth. In that miracle we are forever joined in a circle of love that is unending.

What an awesome gift.

In that miracle, the circle of love I came into was expanded in every increasing depth.

I've come home to myself. Come home to love.

I don't have a lot of time to write -- 6 a.m. came really early this morning! I'll be back Monday to share stories of growth, of joy and of celebration.

Have an awesome weekend. May the miracle of your life connect you to the mystery and the beauty of living in love as your circle continues to expand like ripples on a pond.

Love, hugs and light.

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