Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sailing into uncharted waters to make the dream come true

Last night, at 9pm, the documentary I wrote and produced, At the Heart of Centre Stage, was aired on the Global Television network. At the Heart of Centre Stage is a one hour doc that chronicles the journey of 160 eight to 21 year olds (The Young Canadians -- TYC) who perform in front of 18,000 people a night at the Calgary Stampede, Grandstand Show for 10 days every July. I was asked to write the show originally because my eldest daughter was once a member of the group and I know lots about being a TYC mum! The Exec Prod and I have known each other for several years and she was working with me on a documentary based on on my book (The Dandelion Spirit). The training, the friends they make while members of TYC is awesome. For Alexis, being part of the group for 4 years created great value in her life and is part of her foundation for performing today. (Have I ever mentioned she's an amazing actor/singer/dancer. She has an awesome voice and when she performs you can't take your eyes off her -- LOL -- do I sound like a proud mum? I am!)

Writing and producing the show was an exciting opportunity for me to stretch. I had never written nor produced a one hour show for national TV before -- and it was awesome.

What was most affirming was to not sabotage myself! In the past, had this opportunity presented itself, I would have found a way to undermine myself, to hold myself back from really stepping up and doing it!

With Centre Stage I didn't!

Last night I watched the show with a group of friends and my daughters. It was exhilarating, exciting and satisfying to see something I had worked so hard at be appreciated by people I love and who love me. What a gift.

It was a good show.

In life, we are often presented opportunities to do things we've never done before. Throughout the process of filming and editing and writing the show I was scared! LOL -- this was major stuff and I had never done it before. I had little guidance from the Exec. Prod. -- she trusted me and assumed I would get it done! I did! IN spite of my fear, or perhaps because of it, I had to draw myself into courage, to pull myself forward without fear that I would fall back. It was up to me to turn up for me and learn to fly.

As Ray Bradbury said, "You've got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down."

And that's what I did. I didn't know how to write and produce a one hour documentary -- I trusted myself to know that I could do it, that I would learn as I went along, that I would ask the right questions to ensure the end product reflected the story we set out to tell -- and that other people would not let me fail.

It worked.

Last night At the Heart of Centre Stage aired and I was reminded again that dreams do come true when you set a goal and work to make it happen!

My goal is to do it again! It's up to me to chart the path, set sail and journey out onto uncharted waters so that I can make my dream come true. Creating documentaries is a dream I have held most of my life. I have completed one. It's up to me to keep building on my success so that I create a body of work that reflects the dream I've had for my life. It's up to me to make it happen.

I'd sort of let the goal rest for the past few months as I focused on doing other things -- time to brush off my wings, lift up my spirits and take that leap of faith! It's time to fly!

Wishing you great flying weather and a day of great sailing.

In love and dreaming,


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