Thursday, November 1, 2007

For those I love

I had to give an early morning talk about homelessness to a group of Calgary business men and women today.

It was dark when I left home. Everyone else was sleeping as I quietly closed the front door and stepped into the morning. The thought went through my mind as I turned the key in the lock that the most important beings in my life are on the other side of that door. Close it lovingly.

Some days, racing from home to work, from meeting to meeting, cramming in just one more task, I forget what's most important.

The people I love and who love me.

Some days, as I whip from one quadrant of the city to the other, whip into the grocery store, whip home to whip up a quick dinner, I forget why I'm whipping about and lose myself in the speed with which I am moving, rather than focusing on the things that move me.

As I closed the door and set out into my day this morning, I took a moment's grace to think about those I love sleeping on the other side of the door.

I smiled. The morning felt warmer, brighter. My day looked rosier.

With thoughts of love spilling into my morning, I drove away with gratitude filling my heart.

The question is: Have you taken time today to think about those you love? Have you let your heart fill-up with gratitude?

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