Friday, November 2, 2007

Time Well Spent

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's up to me to make it count.

Today, I have the potential of creating the best day of my life. Or not.

I have the opportunity to make every thought a fresh start, a new perspective, an exciting adventure into the unknown. I can use my thoughts to create, new growth, new ideas, new perspectives. Or, I can let myself regurgitate old thoughts, replaying the film of past experience through worn down corridors of thinking that wear me out with every repetition. I can wearily wear my thoughts clothed in habitual feelings, walk well-trod paths of discomfort that hold me in and keep me back from breaking free into that space that lives beyond the norm.

With each action I take, I have the opportunity to build the foundation for the life of my dreams. Or, I can continue to withhold from myself all that I am meant to be as I journey through all that I was and all I refuse to let go of. It's up to me.

Today, I have the opportunity to expand my horizons by stepping out of my comfort zone beyond the confinement of that place where I hold myself down and keep myself back from spreading my wings and flying free.

Today, I have the choice. This is the first day of the rest of my life. It's up to me to make it my best.

Regardless of what the day has in store, it's up to me to carve my own unique path, to create my most incredible journey. I've got limitless potential exactly the way I am. It's up to me to quit yearning for what isn't here, in the here and now and work with all I've got. I've got a lot.

With all that I've got, it's up to me to quit pulling the threads of 'what was there and then' as my excuse for not being all that I'm meant to be in this moment, here and now, right now.

My life is up to me and I have the possibility to create my most incredible life today. Doesn't mean I'll make a million bucks today, or land that contract of my dreams -- the possibility is there but that's not the point. What's on point today is my being my absolute, total, best. What counts today is that I give my all to everything I do so that at the end of the day I can say, without equivocation, Time Well Spent.

Today is the time that counts for me. This is the moment that creates the springboard to the next. It's up to me to fill it full of my personal best so that I can end today, and every day from now on, with a calm assured breath that I have done my best. Given my all. Been my most magnificent self. That is the measure of my success today.

The question is: What will you choose today? To create new thoughts or travel worn paths of familiarity? Are you willing to create a new perspective, look at a further horizon and see you've got it in you to live the best day of your life today?


Anonymous said...

most of what you wrote today - beautifully of course - could be pulled from most self-help books on the shelf; are you speaking of principles or are you truly dealing with a 'fork in da road' decision today? I find your writing more interesting when you are writing about a specific choice in your life as opposed to generalizing about an issue . .

hope you are well,

CZBZ said...

That's a rather creepy comment.....What's the intent here???