Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

A New Year. A new day. Another chance to begin again. To end what must end. To start anew. Beginnings and endings. In betweens and between innings. Somewhere in the midst of newness is the old becoming new again, the new becoming old, the gently used becoming a brand new opportunity to find a new way to use what was old and to create something new.

I awaken to a new day. It is another day, another chance to begin anew, afresh. A calendar day begun amidst laughter and good cheer. Fancy dress and fanciful thoughts of what the new year can bring.

Resolutions made. Resolutions not made. Resolutions thought about. Resolutions considered but not formed. Oscar Wilde wrote, Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.

I have no account with New Year's Resolutions. No account with resolving to keep resolutions never made. My resolve is in being the best me I can be regardless of the day of the year, the month, the week. In making each day the best day lived yet, I resolve to create the life of my dreams every day of the year.

We spent New Year's Eve at a small dinner party at a friends. Six people sharing good food, laughter, wine and a midnight glass of bubbly, a dance, a kiss a hug, a wish for all the best. It was a perfect ending to a great year. A perfect great beginning to a new year. A calendar page turned and with it, a new year flipped into view, a new day began. Marked by the first day of a new year, it is still a day, an opportunity to create the best day of my life yet.

The question is: What's your resolve? To be the best you can be every day of the year? Or, to continue to wish you could be the best you could be but never finding the time of day, or the resolve, to make it happen?

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