Sunday, February 24, 2008


Every so often life serves up a setback. Like healing from surgery. I go along swiminingly and then, wham, a setback.

Today, I'm feeling gross. I know it's because of the muffin I ate for breakfast. It seems to be stuck at the bottom of my esophagus. But it's really uncomfortable.

So, I breathe. Took a nice warm shower. Am going back to bed and will let the discomfort pass as I know it will.

On a good note, Alexis blogged from Australia -- if you're interested in keeping up with the journey of a 20 something around the world with just a backpack and no hair straitener, her blog address is:

She's having a great time -- building character too she says as her camera broke and the bus pass is unexpectedly expensive. She's using her Choices tools and not letting the negative get her down. Cool!

Me, I'm just happy she's safe! And having a good time. Her sister is consoling herself in Alexis' clothes closet, draping her body with the clothes she's left behind!

Life lesson: Setbacks are inevitable on the road of life. How we deal with them determines our journey.

The question is: Are you letting a setback hold you back from giving yourself medicine, or from breathing through the pain into the healing?

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