Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The journey within

I am off coaching at Choices until Monday.

It is one of my very favourite things to do. When I took the program two years ago, I thought I was pretty well balanced on my road to well-being. And I was. What I didn't know, was.... what I didn't know. And that's what I keep learning at Choices. How much there is to learn about me, my interactions in life, my strengths -- and how my weaknesses can undermine my ability to live my life passionately and fearlessly.

Coaching at Choices gives me a chance to give back and to receive. It opens my eyes to the beauty of every soul, to the depth of every spirit and to the humanity in each and every one of us. And, it opens my heart to living life in love.

C.C. asked me the other day why I love to go back to coach, even though it costs me holiday time at work, and I don't get paid.

"But I do get paid," I told him. "I receive the most incredible gifts every time I coach. Not only do I get to be 'on purpose' the entire time I'm in the training room, I also get to learn more and more about me. In helping others discover their worth, I open myself up more and more to the beauty of my spirit, and to accepting myself exactly the way I am. That is the most incredible gift I could ever receive -- to love myself right here, right now, exactly the way I am, and to know -- if I'm not happy with something about me, I have the power to change it, to do it differently, to create a new story that reflects the value I hold in me."

There are billions of unexplored lives out there -- the universe is deep and wide, filled with unexplored territories, universes within universes. The universe that affects me most, however, is the one within me. That deep and mysterious place where I reside. There is so much more to me than meets my eye -- in exploring this unknown territory. In getting to know me, I am celebrating the wondrous gift of life that is mine.

We all have the capacity to journey within, to fall in love with the beauty and awe of who we are.

For me, to take this journey, I needed the tools that would help me let go of my fear that who I would find within would be someone I didn't want to know. Choices helped me develop those tools.

And so, for today and the next four days, I am off on an adventure. Helping others explore the wonder and beauty of the human being within.

May your days be filled with the joy of knowing, you are a magnificent human being. May you celebrate yourself in every thing you do, for all you're worth!

The question is: Do you believe you're worth it?

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