Monday, March 10, 2008

Leaping into the morning

Monday morning. Time leapt forward yesterday and the sun is hurrying to catch up. Morning is not yet bright, night creeps slowly towards the west.

Me on the other hand, I'm awake. Ready to leap into my day -- but an hour behind!

Even Ellie hasn't caught up to the time change yet. She's still sleeping on the bed with Charles -- she finally made the leap up when I got up. Her arthritic hips are limiting her movement these days as we struggle to find ways to ease her pain and keep her limber.

Time moves on. Time changes everything.

Time, however, does not heal a broken heart. Love does.

Years ago my heart was broken. Today, my heart beats wild open in love. With me, myself and I. With life. With the world around me.

Years ago I didn't believe I deserved love. I didn't believe I was worthy of this one, wild and precious life I have been gifted.

Today, I know I am. Today, I claim my right to live this one, wild and precious life on my terms. With abandonment. With passion. With courage and commitment to be all I'm meant to be.

It's that kind of a morning. Wild and free. Sky lightening. Rosy hues seeping into the eastern sky, tinting night with filigree clouds of pink and rose and yellow. Night escapes westward. Day breaks and my morning explodes with the limitless possibilities of my life today.

What a day to be alive and living. What a day to stand in love, in awe with the world around me.

The question is: Are you ready to leap into the day leaving the darkness behind? Are you ready to claim this one, wild and precious life as yours today?


Anonymous said...

Embracing the "wild-ness" and unknown adventures of a new day.

Although some may grow up learning that trust is not a common feeling in their lives, there are also possibilities in the future connections with friends that make it possible that change can take place.

It may take more than a couple of attempts, but change can happen. Through making choices based on fears, change can happen in the most amazing places and through the most awesome people.

You are one of those people Louise, for you have brought change in me, through your words and time spent together. Never forget that you have the amazing intuitiveness to reach people even in only brief moments....those brief encounters with people that cross our path in life can make a difference.

Today, my purpose is to embrace the adventures of a new day full of possibilities and new opportunities. :)

dee said...

I read you every morning!

Usually, you make me think, reflect, smile, or a bit sad at times too. But its ALL Good!

Anyway, I thought it was time I added you to my own blog reads. I hope you don't mind. IF so let me know and I will remove you.


M.L. Gallagher said...

Dee -- Nice to meet you and I'm honoured to be listed on your blog too! You've also reminded me of something I've been "meaning to do" for some time -- create a list of blogs I read! LOL -- as soon as I get to it -- you'll be there too!

Anonymous -- thank you for all your amazing comments over the past few days. I'm still not up to my warp speed living and haven't had the energy at times to sit down and do all I want to do! Your comments ask some great questions -- and include awesome insight.

Thank you for sharing. (And I'm still trying to figure out who you are! :-) )