Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lesson learned

Morning rises and my spirits lift. It is a beautiful day to be alive. A wondrous day for living.

C.C. and I had a fight last night. Not a knock 'em out, drag 'em through the dirt kind of thing but rather a, here's my boundary, you've crossed it, I need to understand why.

He gave me his why, and his apology.

I insisted on getting more understanding.

The challenge of being me.

I want to know. Everything. I want to rotor rooter through the dirt digging up tasty morsels of gritty knowledge that open doors of understanding and windows of opportunity for new growth.

I want to use a sledgehammer where a gentle "Thank you. I accept your apology" would do.

Fortunately, we eventually breathed through the discourse and discord. Fortunately, we both recognized what is most important.

Lesson learned -- When someone admits they're wrong and apologizes, don't hammer them with acknowledgement, embrace them in love.

The question is: Where does your need to understand someone else prevent you from seeing yourself?

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